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Getting a Dubai visa when you have a Dubai visa guide right in front of you becomes simple! Well, it is going to get even easier with this article that you will be reading ahead! Here, we at Dubai E Visa Online ensure you get the visa without any discrepancies! With Dubai being one of the busiest places on earth, having your visa applied for and getting it right on time before your travel can be hard. But the guide here will help you find all those potholes that are not leading you to your final destination. With this finding, you can easily cover them off and get a straight road to your destination! 

Dubai is no wonder one of the most wanted tourist locations in the world. But here’s what you don’t know:! This place is not only a heaven for tourists but is also part of one of the biggest business industries that run around the world. It is a known fact that the oil industry here is well known for its worldwide popularity. This place is also one of the places a person would opt to live in the most! So here is a quick and short guide that will lead you to your desired destination!

What is a Dubai visa in 2024?

This sure crosses the minds of a lot of people as to what exactly a Dubai visa is! An Emirates Dubai visa is a document that people who do not belong to Dubai and are coming from a foreign country need to acquire. This allows the person to be accepted into the country and becomes proof of their existence in that particular country. This visa, also more commonly known as a Dubai e-visa, is an option people choose because it gives them the freedom to apply from any part of the world. This makes it quite accessible to get one, no matter what time or place they need to apply for a visa.

Dubai visa types:

Well, talking about visas the first thing that comes into your mind would be about the types of Dubai visas. It is really important that you know about your visa types before you grab a Dubai visa application form and start filling it out. So here’s a complete list of the types of visas you’d want to know about before you apply for one!

Visa Type Visa Sub Type Description Purpose
14-day visa 14 Days Dubai visa Business Purpose
30 days visa 30 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa Tourism Purpose
30 days visa 30 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa Tourism Purpose
90-day visa 90 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa Tourism Purpose
90-day visa 90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa Tourism Purpose
Transit Visa 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa Adventure Purpose
Transit visa 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa Adventure Purpose
2 Year Visa 2 Year Long Term Dubai Visa Long Stay
5 Year Visa 5 Year Dubai Visa Long Stay

Employment visa:

Thinking about how to get an employment visa in Dubai apart from the normal business visa? Then following the link will surely help you get an idea about it. 

Dubai investor visa:

If you are thinking about investing in Dubai businesses then the Dubai investor visa document required visa fees will give you an idea about both documents that you need and the visa fee which is to be paid. Checking about the Dubai investor visa stamping process will help you understand why you need a passport with blank pages. Once your visa gets expired then you can renew Dubai investor visa. If you do not want to go anymore to Dubai you can also check the Dubai investor visa cancellation process to cancel your visa easily. 

Dubai business visa:

Getting a Dubai business visa is all about an application. But for this application, you will also have to give details about your flight tickets. This is why the do I need a confirm airline ticket to get my Dubai visa becomes an important issue while applying. The Dubai business visa guide is always here to help you get through the application easily as well!

Dubai long term visas:

You can also get long term Dubai visas which can go right from two years to five years period. The requirements of Dubai long term visa is basically an entire list of requirements that you always need to ensure that you have before you start applying for a long term visa. This visa becomes a must when you actually decide to stay for a longer period of time. 

Document requirements for Dubai visa:

It has always been an important part of your Dubai visa application process and getting a full idea about the documents is necessary to understand the Dubai visa completely. The general documents required for a Dubai visa can be given as follows:

  1. An application form 
  2. A passport 
  3. A passport-sized photograph 
  4. flight and hotel bookings in Dubai
  5. A letter mentioning purpose.
  6. Proof of bank statements 

This concludes your general list of documents you can still check out documents required for Dubai visa for more information related to these documents!

Application form for Dubai visa:

Once you know the documents you know what comes next and it is the application form. Dubai visa application form filling will be an important part of your entire application process and making mistakes in this particular piece of paper can eventually lead to direct cancellation of visas. While you will be worried about the cancellations, you can still find out what is the simplest Dubai visa process. So this is the part where you need to be the most careful. When you will be filling in the form you will also get questions like how to apply Dubai visa online you can easily get the answers to these by contacting the service number. 

Applying for a Dubai visa:

After checking the countries eligible for the Dubai visa list, if you need one, you can easily apply for Dubai visa. After application, you will probably have the worry about how to check the Dubai visa status online, but this is just a matter of giving in the application number or the passport number and it will be solved! The application can also be done just like it has been mentioned in the Dubai visa in three steps article, where just three steps will lead you to the completion of the application.

Track Dubai visa Status Online

You can check for a visa status with quite a few and simple steps that can be followed easily. Here’s a small list of the steps:

Step 1: click on the Dubai visa status option on the main page.

Step 2: put in your passport number or the application ID assigned to you by mail.

Step 3: check the progress of your e visa Dubai.

Dubai visa fees:

Another one important thing that the guide helps you with is the Dubai visa fees which will give you an idea about the budget you need to maintain while applying for a visa. This will not help you while applying for the visa but will keep the overall budget for the trip balanced.

Visa Type No of Entry  Visa Fee
14 Days Dubai Visa Single Entry 154.0 USD
30 Days Dubai visa Single Entry 164.0 USD
30 Days Dubai visa Multiple Entry 310.0 USD
90 Days Dubai visa Single Entry 500.0 USD
90 Days Dubai visa Multiple Entry 800.0 USD
48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa Single Entry 50.0 USD
96 Hours Dubai Transit visa Single Entry 130.0 USD

You can get a full idea about the Dubai visa fees along with your desired type of visa by following the link and reading the article!

Visa policy for Dubai:

If you belong to any of the countries that will be mentioned below then you better not take a visa because yes, you can go to Dubai without a Dubai visa and this means your visit will be free of visa! But to know about this you will have to search for the question do I need a visa for Dubai. Getting a visa can be tiresome but, what is the Dubai visa policy? This is like a list of visa rules you need to follow when you are about to get the visa. You will also find out that a list of Dubai visa-free countries where you can see if your country has been mentioned or not.

Dubai visa on arrival:

Most suited for all those emergency travels you need to go for! This visa is one that will help you get the visa once you arrive at the Dubai international airport which means you will not have to worry about applying for a visa and then staying for days and days waiting for it to come and then go. This visa is more like the visa on go! But the question which arises is can I get a visa on arrival! This can be found only if you find your country’s name under the Dubai visa exemption list.

Ok to board for Dubai visa:

This ok to board for Dubai visa message will make sure you have met all of the requirements and have fulfilled them. You normally get this when you receive your visa and you send in a scanned document of the same to the airlines you have booked to Dubai. This message will be attached to your PNR number and it is essential that you check if you have got this message before loading onto the flight. 

Travel insurance For Dubai Visa:

Travel insurance is applied by people when they need to insure their travel to outer countries. If you are not a citizen of Dubai, it is always recommended to get travel insurance for Dubai visa which will ease the checking of Dubai visa documents as well! This does not matter that you need a visa or not, it is always a safe side to keep your travel insurance ready with you. This also helps out in emergencies when you do not need to pay a sudden large amount of money due to an unforeseen tragedy. Also taking a Dubai visa insurance will save you from the highly expensive Dubai medical charges.

Dubai visa originality:

Checking your visa before getting on through immigration is important and hence how to check if your Dubai visa is original or fake becomes important. Checking all of the documents and the visa and passport is something you need to do before you get onto your flight! Everything you need to know about ok to board contains everything that you possibly forget right before your trip which will help you be updated on the list of requirements that you need to have before going on for your trip. 

Extension of Dubai visa:

If you want to have a Dubai visa extension 2024 then one thing you need to be sure about is the date as to when it will expire. This will help you apply for the extension at the right time as well. You can also ask about the Dubai investor visa renewal process once you are at the processing centers. When you talk about the Dubai visit visa and tourist visa renewal process, they can be quite hard if they are not properly applied for, and hence the extension can also be denied. So applying for the extension is always suggested to do before a month or so at the nearest Dubai visa processing center in Dubai to save your time waiting for it!

Rejection of Dubai visa:

Normally the most common reason for Dubai visa rejection is the filling in of wrong information. When you take a look, you will get a clear cut idea about why does it happen. Once you get information about it, you can now check what to do after Dubai visa rejection which is a common question people tend to ask after it happens.

Special requirements for a person to be eligible to get a Dubai visa:

You will have to follow these requirements to be eligible to get the visa. The list can be given as follows:

  • Those nationals who belong to Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Mauritian, and Tunisia must belong to age 40 years and above to be able to apply for a visa.
  • The other nationals of the countries apart from the mentioned ones can get a Dubai visa provided that the men complete 21 years of age and women complete 23 years of age.
  • People belonging to Israel and Qatar will need to confirm their passport before proceeding to travel to Dubai.

Getting a Dubai visa Online through Dubai E Visa Online:

Where can I found best Dubai visa services? Well, then you are at the right place! Dubai E Visa Online as an online Dubai visa providing site will help you get your Dubai visa application completed in a matter of minutes. You will also not need to have more extra documents than the ones that will be generally required. The services will be available for about 24X7 which means you need not worry about the visa application. We will also try our best to get the visa supplied to you in the best form possible and that too at a good speed. Helping you get the right type of visa and at reasonable Dubai visa prices are our motto which we follow and keep!

With this, you now get an idea of the complete visa application process. One thing you need not worry about is the problems that will arise while you fill in the form, you will be assisted in the language that you prefer within no time! With the Dubai visa guide, you can now easily apply for a Dubai visa and rest assured!

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