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full guide to 30 days dubai visa - documents, steps

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With its more dynamic scenic features, Dubai has much more to explore. Numerous collections of skyscrapers, a plethora of life experiences, skylining, the taste of different cuisine, and perfect profit-making commercial sites. This city has a lot more options to outside. But keeping all these features aside, Dubai dealing in the high profit-making commercial market.

30 days Dubai visa is mainly useful to business personnel and family members, who wish to spend some time there with their loved ones. Hence, the single-entry visa validity period of 30 days Dubai visa is 60 days, and staying valid is 30 days.

Dubai’s extra special, surplus-gaining feature attracts business personnel from different countries, to come and invest in the Emirates for the company’s vanguard. Usually, these diggers are from the United Kingdom, India, the United States, France, Saudi Arabia, Austria, and Japan.

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So, in the earlier discourse to a high extent, it is crystal clear that a 30-day single-entry Dubai visa is normally used by business personnel and relatives. If you wish to attend a business meeting, interview, business seminar, corporate meeting, or business festival you must be packed with a business visa.

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Hence, this visa is ideal for business visits with the non-renewable available feature. Profit to know, you can use your Dubai business visa as a Dubai tourist visa, however, you cannot use your tourist visa as your business visa. 

Documents required for 30 Days Dubai Visa

  • A 6 months valid passport
  • Multiple passport-size photographs
  • A complete application form signed by you and by your respective sponsor
  • Confirmed hotel bookings or accommodation details
  • Cover letter from the applicant, where the purpose of both the visit and duration of the stay is mentioned
  • A confirmed round-trip tickets
  • Certified medical proof

In case of sponsored, these documents are added along with the upper-mentioned documents-

Business diggers can contact his/her organization for Dubai visa sponsorship similarly, visitors can contact their relatives and students at their respective educational entities.

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Steps to apply 30 days Single entry Dubai Visa

  • Select your citizenship and living country in the dialog box 
  • Filled out the application form with the mandatory documents 
  • Select your Dubai visa type, single or multiple  
  • Pay the essential amount online 

Finally, you enter a waiting period of 6-7 days till the visa didn't deliver to you on your owing e-mail ID. The moment it is delivered to you, is the moment your visa validity period starts. 

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