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After planning your trip to Dubai, the very first thing you do is to disburden yourself by selecting and applying for a Dubai visa. Wait!!! But here is another question. How do you find out which Dubai visit visa is suited to you as stated in your decided tour period? This blog is all about various Dubai visa Types. Besides here, you'll also get information about their validity and stay period.

Dubai and every country have a lot of different types of visas that allow people from other nations to visit the country, collaborate, and enjoy their presence. The objective of the visit can be anything, it completely relies on your interest. It may be for medical checkups, education, normal visit, touring, business, and other activities. But as we are aware that every activity has its type of visa itself, then it has its specifications too. You can apply for Dubai visa in three simple steps, by visiting our website.

Dubai visa types features and specifications:

Dubai Transit visa

The word transit means, the action of passing through or across a place. So, as the name as the work. This visa is used when you have a stopover in the Dubai airport for the matter of changing flights or meetings to your relatives or friends. The key feature of this visa is that you visit the country without entering in its national territory.

This visa comes with very short validity and stays period. There are two types of a transit visa, 48 hours transit visa, and 96 hours transit visa. Both of these visas come with the same validity period of 14 days. And I hope to stay validity is clear to you, as it depends on which transit visa you wish to issue.

Dubai Visit Visa

This visa is all about visiting purpose. If your friends, family or relatives are living there and you wish to visit their place, then you must go through with the visit visa. Dubai Visit visa is also of two types 30 days and 90 days visit visa. With this visa, you have proof of residence at the time of security checking at the airport. The validity period for this visa stays up to 60 days and 180 days. The only thing you have to make sure is that your host must submit the invitation letter at the airport before 3 hours of your arrival.

Dubai Tourist Visa

Of course!!! This visa is all about tourism purposes. Planned trip of any nation compelled with a tourist visa. Hence, the tourist visa is for the tourist who wants to take a beautiful view of that adorable city. This visa is of three types 14 days, 30 days and 90 days visit visa. The staying period is as same as the no. of day's visa you chose but the validity period refers according to their staying days. It will be referred by 58 days, 60 days, and 180 days.

Dubai Business Visa

One can issue a business visa when they visit the place for any business purpose. You must need this visa, which is assigning by your organization completely. A business visa is depending on the no. of days you are going to stay in Dubai for work. It may be for 30 days or 90 days. This visa is a non-renewable visa. You must have a have letter from the company which you are going to representing.

Dubai Employment visa

Employment visa permits you to work in Dubai without any fear of being arrest. This visa is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The validity and stay period of this visa is only for two months after that you have to renew the visa to stay from expelled from the city.

Dubai Residential Visa

Take this visa as the next step after an employment visa. Because you need a place to live from the time when you reached Dubai for employment. So, a residential visa is issued after the employment visa. For the completion of this process, you need to get a medical check-up and apply for an Emirates ID. 

Dubai Student visa

This visa can permit the students to take higher studies in Dubai. But you can only apply for this when you get an offer letter from your respective university or institution. The student visa costs more than any other type of visa, it depends on the period of your education. This visa can be sponsored through three mediums through parents and university and by yourself too. The student visa is a renewable kind of visa. 

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