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48 hours dubai transit visa

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Dubai transit visa  approves you to stay in a country for a shorter period. Usually, people who have a long haul stopover at the airport can apply for this visa. The key feature of this visa is that you visit the country without entering in its national territory. But it’s interesting for you to know, that transit visa more than 5-6 hours can allow you permission to take an eye-on of the country. 

Thus, this visa comes with very short validity and stays period. So, travellers mostly use this visa for short term tour plans. For official meetings, business meetings, visit friends, family place and job-seeking purposes. It is for increasing the inflow of foreign tourists to further boost the economy.

Dubai 48 hours transit visa, grants you a stay for 2 days in the city, after that your visa will be automatically expired. And before the completion of 48 hours, one must have to leave the city. However, the validity period of the Dubai transit visa is more than the stay period. The validity period lies for 14 days from the day of issue. 

Hence, a transit visa is always of about single entry visa with no renewable validity. Applicant must walkout from the country within 14 days, with a proper calculation of 48 hours staying period. 

The calculation may be followed as:

Single time visit during 14 days = visiting hours of only 48 (2 days).

So, if your respective work may be completed before 48 hours, or within 48 hours, you should leave the country as soon as possible. To plan your visit again to Dubai for 48 hours, go through with the same required process along with the same cost and validity and staying period.

A 48 hours Dubai transit visa is highly recommended to business personnel and job seekers. Related purposes like attending corporate meetings, seminars, corporate / business festivals, job interviews, etc. Normally, it takes 3-4 days to issue and urge nominal charges from the applicant, depending on which entry type you choose. 

Pleasure for you guys to know that Dubai 48 hours transit visa can be free now for all the nationalities. But if in case, you wish to extend it to 96 hours transit visa then you ought to pay some nominal charges to the UAE government. 

Note: There may be a risk at the time of security checkup so, pre-arranged 48 hours transit visa can let you away from security peril. 

Transit visas demanded fewer documents with less time to issue. To apply for a transit visa, you complete documents are followed as:

  • Complete application form with your signature 

  • Multiple passport size photographs

  • 6 months valid passport photocopy

  • Round trip flight tickets s

  • Cover letter from the applicant, where the purpose of both the visit and duration of the stay is mentioned

  • Proof of your staying destination like hotel reservation/bookings

How to apply for Dubai 48 hours Transit Visa

You can go to our home page and can apply for this visa in simple four steps:

  • By categorizing your citizenship and living country

  • Choosing the entry type, whether single or multiple 

  • Filling the online applicant form 

  • Pay the required amount online

Sooner, an mail with your application ID will ping you on owing e-mail id that helps you out in tracking the live status of your transit visa. You can also verify that application ID for your satisfaction.

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