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all you need to know about ok to board for dubai visa 2024

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If travelling to Dubai, the land of luxury and a skyscraper-filled skyline, is on your list, then you surely need to know everything about OK to board for Dubai Visa. From gathering all your documents to selecting your visa provider, you must have gone through the process of your visa application. But your search does not end there. When you are travelling to the United Arab Emirates or Dubai, specifically, you will need an OK to board.

Not to worry, this is the ultimate guide that got you covered on everything you are supposed to know when it comes to Dubai OK to board.

What is OK to board for Dubai visa?

OK to board is, in very simple terms, a verification process for your visa. Even if you have a valid Dubai visa, you will not be able to board your flight unless you have the OK to board approval. With all of your plans and preparations, your trip will come to an end if you do not get this approval. It is a procedure in which the airline checks whether or not you have all the required documents to approve you for boarding. Therefore, you must not forget that this process is mandatory.

Why do we need OK to board?

There are certain formalities to be taken care of when it comes to flying to a different country. It has been observed in the past few years that a major part of the people flying to UAE with Dubai Visa, especially from the South Asian countries, have been carrying a fake visa with them.

This problem kept on increasing and soon became a common thing in certain countries. Which is when the UAE OK to board visa was introduced.  Dubai immigration security made it a point to get all the documents along with the visa verified before a person boards the flight to eliminate such fake visa holders.

How to get an OK to board visa and when should I apply for it?

The procedure for getting an OK to board a visa is not as complicated as it sounds. However, make sure you are done with this process at least 48 hours before your flight.

There are two ways of getting this done: one is online, and the other is offline.

Online way of getting OK to board visa in 2024

  • After you are done with your Visa processing, make a copy of your visa. Contact the airline you have booked your tickets with and send it to them.
  • The airline company will go through all the necessary details and check your documents.
  • Once the checking is done, your application will be approved and your ticket will be marked with OTB stating that you are OK to board.

Offline way of getting OK to board visa in 2024

For this process, your verification will take place at the airport. You do not have to apply online if you have opted for this option.

You can submit all the required documents at the airport for verification, and after the verification process is over, you are ok to board.

If you have applied for a Dubai visa through Duba E Visa Online, you do not need to worry about getting the OK to board approval. The agency offers to do it for you so the entire work done for this approval will be done by the agency or your sponsor.

Documents required for OTB approval

As you proceed with the process of Ok to board, there is a verification needed either online or at the airport. These are the documents which are necessary for your verification:

1. Visa

2. Confirmed airline ticket (onward and return)

3. Copy of your Passport (first and last page)

4. A copy of your Pan card

Airlines that require OK to board visa in 2024

As stated, that OK-to-board visa is mandatory if you are flying out to Dubai; however, there are a few airlines that do not require the OTB approval. To help you out with this confusion, here is a list of the airlines that require the OTB:

The countries which require OK to board

The approval of boarding is mandatory; however, it is only required by the citizens of certain countries. If you are a citizen of the following countries, you cannot board a flight to Dubai without the OTB approval.

  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

It is compulsory for the citizens of these countries to opt for OTB. There are certain cases in which the OTB is not required, even if you belong to these countries.

Passport holders travelling to Dubai, UAE that do not require OTB

  • Resident Visa
  • Resident permit
  • Visa on arrival  (Check Eligible Criteria for Dubai Visa on Arrival)
  • Passengers travelling with ECNR (Emigration check not required)

What are the charges for OTB travelling to Dubai?

Different airlines have different charges for the OK to board, but every airline has the same requirement for the documents. These are the airlines with the charges for OTB; the prices can change depending upon the season you are travelling in.



(in INR)

Spice Jet






Air Arabia


Go Air


Oman Air


Fly Dubai


Air India


Sri Lankan


Gulf Air


This is the complete guide to everything you should know about the OK to board Dubai visa. OTB is part of the verification process, which should run smoothly if you have contacted your airline about it and mentioned the required documents. Or even easier, if you are associated with an agency for your visa application. Happy flying to Dubai!

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