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can i get visa on arrival in dubai

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Dubai visa on arrival 

If you wish to take a visit to your likely nation, the visa is the utmost demanded document by that country. Similarly, in Dubai visa helps you to take a concluding entry. Along with the other necessary paperwork, visa played a role of legal entry permit in Dubai. Thus, a visa greets you with a short period identity, so that, you'll be called as city’s citizen. 

Now, the most searched question is that "can I get a visa on arrival in Dubai". In against, the outcome is yes


About the policy of Dubai visa on arrival at the airport

The visa policy of every country differs from each other. Almost, every country demanded an entry permit/visa but among all of them, some nations including Dubai are in favour of making entry permits free to its friendly nation. This is all so, to boost the country's economy and to make the relationship stronger with these countries. 

Prior, Indians were not on the list of Dubai "Visa on arrival at the airport" but with the current implemented law, it is possible for Indians too. 

According to recent data, it is said that Dubai day by day becomes a hub of commercial, industrial business by attracting a lot of business diggers from all over the world. Being counted in a hub of the commercial industry, its airport is also considered as the busiest international airport. Every month a lot of business people will travel to Dubai for its business meetings, seminars, events, etc. And most of them pass by the Dubai airport to change their flight to other countries. Thus, in all aspect, Dubai and its airport is a very engaging place in the world of trade and travel. 

Due to a regular visit to Dubai and passes by from Dubai airport, most of the business person faces a challenge at the time of issuing a visa. Because renewable of visa and repetition of its request process take a little time, which may cause a loss to its business. 

Hence, to escape from this difficulty, the UAE government helped some nations by issuing a visa on arrival at the airport to save their time and money.


30-day visit authorization

If you are a passport holder in the country or territory listed below, no advance visa arrangements are required to visit Dubai. Simply get off at Dubai International Airport and head to immigration, where your passport will be given a free 30-day visa.

Andorra Japan San Marino
Kazakhstan Singapore Australia
Malaysia Ukraine Brunei
Mauritius United Kingdom and Northern Ireland Canada
Monaco United States of America New Zealand
Vatican City Hong Kong, China Republic of Ireland


90 Days Visa On Arrival


Chile Argentina Honduras Romania
Austria Hungary Russian Federation Bahamas Islands
Iceland Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Barbados Italy
San Marino Belgium Kiribati Serbia
Brazil Latvia Seychelles Bulgaria
Liechtenstein Slovakia Chile Lithuania
Slovenia Costa Rica Luxembourg Solomon Islands
Croatia Maldives South Korea Cyprus
Malta Spain Czech Republic Montenegro
Sweden Denmark Nauru Switzerland
El Salvador Netherlands Uruguay Estonia
Norway Finland Paraguay France
Poland Germany Portugal Greece


180-day visit authorization


If you have a Mexican passport, you are entitled to a 180-day multiple-entry visit visa that is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and for a total stay of 180 days



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