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everything to know about engagement at dolphin bay in dubai

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People, especially couples who go to Dubai for their post-wedding celebrations or before the wedding, like to express their love in different and new ways. What can be the best place in the world other than Dubai to express love or to propose creatively? Dubai is the home for creativity. Couples going to Dubai always search for novel ideas to smitten their loved ones and to propose them. Do you want to do the same?


  • Dubai is home to international tourists. It is the hub of creative things and making us one with tradition and luxury. Dubai is the most versatile city with many experiences at offer for tourists around the world.
  • Dubai has novel experiences that you cannot find anywhere else in the world! People of every kind will find an activity that interests him or her without fail.
  • You can get back the absolute value for money and your resources never go waste when you are in Dubai.
  • Dubai has an aqua venture water-park at Atlantis. Come face-to-face with dolphins at the Atlantis’ aqua venture waterpark. Cuddle and swim with the dolphins in shallow waters.

First-ever engagement at Dubai’s dolphins bay

In the year 2010, a couple wanted to get engaged at dolphin bay Dubai at Atlantis. The man wanted to surprise his loved one. He took her to the dolphins bay saying that they were going to interact with the dolphins. When the couple was enjoying the interaction, two trained dolphins came up and had the proposal ring! The woman was spell-bound and said yes to the proposal. It was a memorable moment for the staff there as one of the dolphins started jumping and dancing in the air without any cue from the trainers when the man and women exchanged rings!


After this incident, many people wanted to get engaged in the dolphins bay with the dolphins as their witnesses. It has become a crazy engagement trend. Many YouTubers and influencers take this engagement trend to reach new heights. This amazing engagement in Dubai dolphin bay is also organized by the staff and they also train dolphins to jump in the air when this magical engagement takes place!


You can have your moments recorded and your photos were taken. If you can afford this creative and thrilling engagement experience visit Dubai by applying for a Dubai visa in Dubai E Visa Online and get the crowds and the dolphins cheering for you!

What do you get at Dubai's dolphin bay?

  • At dolphin bay Dubai, the staff gives you a swimsuit to wear. You can also get a jacket. You have to wear a jacket over your dress.
  • You can enjoy a fifteen-minute educational talk by the marine experts.
  • The expert staff also guides the visitors.
  • One can see the dolphins jump and perform.
  • Watch them glide, swim, and show off their high energy behavior.
  • Take back memories made with your new dolphin friends.

Things to do at the dolphin bay Dubai

The cost of the experience is AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) 745 to AED 950.

Dive with the dolphins:

You can dive with the dolphins underwater. The program continues for an-hour-and -a-half. For a few minutes, you will be in the shallow water. You can touch and feel the dolphins and feed them fish. Later you will be taken down into the three-meters deep water body. You can swim by holding the fin of the dolphin and hear its voice. A maximum of six people goes inside at one time. There are three trainers with six people. There are a safety diver and a person who controls the dolphins. Prerequisites for diving with the dolphins are: You have to be PATTI certified as an open- water diver. You will have all the diving kits after the orientation.

Meet and enjoy the dolphin company: You can have a one-on-one session with the dolphins. You can touch and feed the dolphins.

This activity is done in shallow waters only. People of any age can enjoy this activity.

  1. The dolphin trek atlantis: You will adorn heavy equipment that will not let you feel the water. Children under eight years are not allowed for this experience. One has to learn how to swim to participate in this trek.
  2. Dolphin Photoshoot: This will be ideal for you on the off chance that you would prefer not to go into the water. Individuals of everything ages can appreciate this action. You will meet a dolphin at the shores of the lagoon. The staff will take great photos of you feeding, kissing, or touching the dolphins!

Other experiences at the aqua venture water-park

The amount of AED 745 to AED 950 has unlimited access to the aqua venture waterpark. You will attain a complimentary ticket to the aqua venture waterpark. Enjoy over thirty record-breaking rides, a private Dubai beach, and a wave machine. You can ride down the tower of Poseidon or slide down the giant anaconda. Chill on the beach, shop, or eat at one of the fifteen restaurants.


Do you want to visit Dubai's dolphin bay? Navigate to the Dubai E Visa Online and apply for a visa. There are different types of tourist and transit visas on the website. You can choose the number of days you want to stay in Dubai.


You can book other tours in Dubai using Dubai E Visa Online. You will find tours of different economical ranges on the website. You can contact the staff through online chat. Atlantis Dubai offers a wide range of experiences for couples. They include surprising them in the underwater restaurant or taking them in a helicopter.

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