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what you need to know before travelling to dubai

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Dubai, a city that is worldly famous for its immense beauty and fine architecture. An emirate which is the house of the number of record-breakers, from grasping tallest tower in the world to call the as busiest international airport but you need to know some information before travelling to Dubai.

The emirate is declared as one of the Stunning holiday destinations to visit and exotic places to explore by the visitors. This city has many sites to explore and take advantage of its amusement. Therefore, it is vital to prepare an itinerary before visiting a city like Dubai. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the important information to which any Dubai tourist must be equipped with and well-informed. This blog will include everything from famous destinations to visit Dubai to important rules and regulations which are necessary to be followed the immigrant. So, to find out the Dubai facts, keep reading the whole blog.


Following are the things which you need to know before travelling to Dubai

This list explains all the required information about the city’s culture and its tradition. 

1. Visit Dubai between October and April

As the city is located in the Persian Gulf, that's why it has only two weather hot and hotter. The period between October and April called Dubai’s winter season .i.e. not so hot, the city is sprinkled with rainy weather too. Blue sky, less humidity in the air, perfect weather for a beach party. 

2. City have weekends on Friday and Saturday

Because the city has a huge population of people who are belonging from the Muslim community. So to give them liberty and respect their cultural emotion, most of the Dubaian organization grants a leave of Friday to its employees to enjoy or to take a part in its congregational prayer. 

3. Dubai is much safer than your home city

As the Dubai government is very much concerned about their territorial security that’s why the city traditionally follows high emirate laws and rules. Dubai is declared as the second safest city in the world, according to the World Economic Forum.

4. Dubai is not a dry city

Being an adverse follower of security concern, the city offers a different variety of alcoholic drinks at the bars and hotels legally. No so expensive in rate and can be easily available 24*7. 

5. Booked your flight tickets and also Apply Dubai Visa 

As I explained above, the city is considered one of the busiest international airports. So, to find tickets and visa approval is not so easy task to be done. To escape yourself from this hectic problem, do book your Dubai tickets and Also Apply Dubai visa as without a Visa you cannot enter Dubai unless you are from the Dubai visa-exempt countries

How to apply for Dubai Visa Online?

  • Visit well-recognized website
  • When the homepage opens, do choose the Citizenship and Living country in the dialog boxes and press ‘’Apply for Dubai Visa’’.
  • Now, choose the visa type, either Transit visa or Tourist visa 
  • Afterwards, do select the period of visa along with entry type and click proceed to apply
  • Note: Do check at first, is you are in requirement of visa or not? if ‘Not required’ is appeared on the screen, then it means you do not require a visa for Dubai.
  • Now, you can encounter with the Dubai visa application form, please fill this form carefully and tap submit an application
  • Finally, it’s time to pay for the agency, use your preferred payment method and pay the amount.  

   As soon as possible, your mail will ping with an application ID. Keep this application ID very safe because, in the future, it will help you out in tracking Dubai visa status.

 Documents Required for Dubai Visa Application Form

  • A complete application form

  • 6 months valid passport

  • passport size photographs with white background and no accessories

  • Cover letter submitted by the applicant, where you mentioned the purpose of visit

  • Confirmed flight tickets in case of single entry visa

  • Details of confirmed hotel bookings or staying destination must be submitted to the Dubai government

  • Copy of your bank statement or International debit/credit card, as a proof, to ensure that you can spend the selected amount of days in Dubai

If sponsor, 

  • Then invitation letter (copy or real) from the recognized Dubai citizen
  • Initial paperwork must be submitted by the sponsor to the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation, at least before the 3 hours of landing your flight
  • Required payment would be paid by your sponsor
  • Copy of sponsor labor ID and residential ID should be submitted to the security checkup
  • Details of your sponsors resident and a letter from your sponsor revealing he/she is taking your responsibility till the date you are here. 


6. Behave during Ramadan

Ramadan, one of the auspicious festival of Muslims, which is celebrating on the ninth month of 12 months, according to the Islamic calendar. If your visit will be decided during this period, respect their culture and don't misbehave, otherwise, it may lead you to peril. Try not to eat, drink and smoke in public or in front of them. Because Muslims were in fasting on this period. 

7. Ask permission before taking pictures

One of the very important information, do not to take photographs of the permission of that available citizen. Either he or she is a foreigner or maybe a Dubai citizen, always ask before taking their picture. Besides, don't take photographs of any governmental buildings, airports, military camps, etc. 

8. Try to avoid PDA 

PDA stands for Public Displays of Affection. If in case, anyhow you are involved in PDA kind of activities, this will directly take you to the jail. Holding hands and kissing in public places is also not acceptable in Dubai. 

9. Dress modestly

When packing your holiday wardrobe, think conservatively about revealing and eye-catching. Women's clothes are considered indecent if they are too short, tight or see-through, while men should never walk around without a shirt. Dress modestly to avoid unwanted attention and to respect Muslim culture.


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