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what is the dubai visa policy

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Dubai, the most populated and the largest city in the United States of Emirates, famous for its exotic destinations and edifice skyscrapers. Endless desert and advanced structured buildings, appraise you with a feeling of living in a more modernized city. This city offers you everything from an adventurous safari ride in the desert sand, bungee jumping from a height of 50 meters, sky lining to the hot air balloon rides and exploring the experience of marine life in the underwater zoo.

Most often, peps get confused with different  Dubai visa policies like Dubai visa-free countries, Dubai visa on arrival and Dubai diplomatic visa. So, in this blog, we are here to make you guys get rid of this confusion.

About Dubai Visa policy 

Being a reader of the pre-mentioned Dubai visa policy facts, you will be encrypted with the information that nations have different visa policies according to their territorial concern. 

As you continue reading this article, you'll able to uncover that threes set of Dubai visas, one explains about Dubai visa-free countries other explain about Dubai visa-on-arrival at the airport and the last set reveals about the countries who have applying visa for Dubai.

However, there are some exceptional countries, whose diplomatic passport holder can also take a free visit to Dubai without a visa for multiple no. of times similarly like Dubai visa-free countries.


Types of Dubai Visa Policy

There are three types of Dubai visa policy that is followed by the Dubai government. Let’s discuss each policy in detail. 

  • Dubai visa on arrival

Dubai visa on arrival at the airport is allotted to selected 20 countries with a staying validity of a maximum of 30 days or 90 days. You staying period is solely depending on your nationality. 

If the visitor wishes, he/she can renew the visa by paying a nominal visa extension fee.   


30-day visit authorization

If you are a passport holder in the country or territory listed below, no advance visa arrangements are required to visit Dubai. Simply get off at Dubai International Airport and head to immigration, where your passport will be given a free 30-day visa.

Andorra Japan San Marino
Kazakhstan Singapore Australia
Malaysia Ukraine Brunei
Mauritius United Kingdom and Northern Ireland Canada
Monaco United States of America New Zealand
Vatican City Hong Kong, China Republic of Ireland


90 Days Visa On Arrival


Chile Argentina Honduras Romania
Austria Hungary Russian Federation Bahamas Islands
Iceland Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Barbados Italy
San Marino Belgium Kiribati Serbia
Brazil Latvia Seychelles Bulgaria
Liechtenstein Slovakia Chile Lithuania
Slovenia Costa Rica Luxembourg Solomon Islands
Croatia Maldives South Korea Cyprus
Malta Spain Czech Republic Montenegro
Sweden Denmark Nauru Switzerland
El Salvador Netherlands Uruguay Estonia
Norway Finland Paraguay France
Poland Germany Portugal Greece


180-day visit authorization

If you have a Mexican passport, you are entitled to a 180-day multiple-entry visit visa that is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and for a total stay of 180 days


  • Dubai visa-free countries

As the name suggests, countries under this list can visit Dubai without applying for a Dubai visa. This service is available for every citizen of these countries, either rich or poor, celebrity or normal human being. Everyone can take advantage of this set of Dubai visa policies, only if they belong from any of these listed nations

There are almost 54 nations that are allowed to take a Dubai visa-free entry in the city

Freedom of moment 180 days 90 days within any 180 period 90 days 30 days
Bahrain Mexico  All European Union citizens (except Ireland) Argentina China
Kuwait    Honduras  Barbados  Japan
Oman    Iceland Brazil  Macau
Saudi Arabia   Liechtenstein Chile Ukraine
    Montenegro Colombia  
    Norway Kiribati  
    Switzerland Nauru  
      Solomon Islands  



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