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Calling Dubai Home: Top Reasons to Settle in the City of Gold in 2024

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Being one of the 7 emirates of the UAE, Dubai may be an extremely popular destination in terms of jobs like tourism. It's located on the coast of the Persian Gulf and is the busiest hub in western Asia. It's been a centre of regional and international trade since the first half of the 20th century. This busy hub also has a lot of reasons for making Dubai your home, but you might not be actually aware of them. Hence, here is Dubai E Visa Online to help you understand both living in Dubai and what searching for jobs in Dubai is like.

As of January 2020, the population of Dubai was estimated to be around 3.39 million. Their economy relies on trade, tourism, aviation, property, and financial services. Dubai E visa Online provides Dubai visa services to the different eligible nations, which you can apply for online.

Lifestyle and leisure

Dubai could be a city of happenings and of endless possibilities to enjoy. While the place could be a little expensive for moving to Dubai with family, there are such a lot of ways to enjoy it that people hardly listen to the expenses. From outdoor sports like motorsports and racing to malls and fine dining restaurants to beach parties and nightclubs, Dubai offers everything. Abiding by the religious law of the Muslims regarding alcohol, there are only a few places where it is purchased and consumed. Consumption of alcohol is restricted to restaurants, hotels, and bars or clubs owned by hotels; no other places will be accessible for you to consume alcohol. No matter the tight rules that surround alcohol, the diverse population of the city certainly knows a way to enjoy themselves and have a decent time. Dubai may be a great example that proves we don't need alcohol to party and have an honest time.


According to experts, the weather is one of the top 10 reasons to manoeuvre to Dubai. With the temperature rarely dropping below 20 °C, one might say that Dubai could be a sun-loving paradise. The place experiences about 342 sunny days per year. Unlike the unpredictable UK weather, Dubai may be a paradise on earth. People can easily plan a barbeque or picnic on any day without much concern. From September to May, one can sit outside and revel in the sun at any random point of the day. When the weather gets a touch warm, one can benefit from the various indoor activities that Dubai has to offer.

Strong economy

Dubai is one of the most financially stable destinations on the globe. Their economy continues to flourish at a gentle and sustainable rate. In comparison to the USD or Euro, the Emirati Dirham (AED) has remained stable and robust. They need a gradual growth in GDP of about 5% every year. The strong economy of Dubai relies on an oversized international workforce. The companies there are attentive to this fact and are willing to travel an additional mile to keep it identical. They pay generous salaries to those who are willing to take the leap and move to Dubai. The financial and other work-related benefits alone are enough to convince someone to move to Dubai.

Tax lifestyle

Most of the experts agree that financial incentives are one of the most important reasons for people to move to Dubai. People are excited about the career opportunity that they need there. They're always happier if they'll earn quite a bit. A tax-free salary means more cash in the earner's pocket. This enables them to avoid wasting plenty of cash. They're also able to enjoy a touch of luxury, and some may additionally take one or two vacations. They also shouldn't pay VAT for his or her food and other goods. Thus, people spend a lot less compared to other places.

Reliable health, education and transport

The government has invested plenty to make sure that Dubai's infrastructure remains one of the most modern and reliable in the world. People always search for healthcare and academic support if they're getting to move somewhere with the family. Dubai is one of the leading countries in terms of both healthcare and education. Private healthcare and education are also priorities, but plenty of employers include college fees and medical insurance in their salary packages. There are many excellent private international schools where children can still follow the British or American curriculum. People can rest their fears and be assured that they'll receive the highest care in excellent facilities staffed by highly trained doctors and nurses. The new metro system could be a modern, fast, clean, and reliable alternative to road travel. The natural advantages of Dubai are harnessed properly by the planners, who are using alternative energy to scale back their carbon footprint.

Affordable luxury

Dubai could be a highly regarded and successful city. While living in Dubai, pros and cons are common. For the most expensive of individuals, there's housing. However, there are cheap, affordable, and lovely places too. One may need to compromise a small amount based on the locality or size. Accommodation is usually of a really high standard, clean, modern, and well equipped. In this city of glamour, amazing food, clothes, and entertainment that cash can purchase are only a card swipe away. One cannot hear the top of the designer shops, luxury restaurants, and seven-star hotels. On the other hand, one can enjoy great street food from around the world in tremendous surroundings for just a few pounds. Regardless of the budget, one can always find everything under the same roof, from Herms to H&M, all under the same roof.

International cuisine

People from all around the world have travelled to Dubai with them; they need to bring their best-loved recipes and favourite ingredients. Dubai could be a home for over 200 nationalities. One of the benefits of living in Dubai is that you can find restaurants serving almost every cuisine, from Lebanese or Greek to Indian or Japanese. The international culture and large population have had a good influence on the culinary scene of the town. We will find everyone, from Michelin-starred chefs to street vendors, cooking exotic international cuisine.

Well connected

Dubai Airport is one of the busiest hubs in the aviation world. There are regular flights to any or all major destinations with a number of the most reputable airlines around. One can reach anywhere in Europe, Asia, and Africa in under eight hours. It's perfectly positioned as a gateway to the world. It makes it convenient for migrant workers to create trips to their homeland. It's also possible to enjoy some exciting and exotic holiday destinations. A mini-break within the Maldives or a long weekend in Goa are both just a four-hour flight away.

Multicultural Meeting pot

People fit easily into their lifestyles in Dubai. Around 70% of the city's population was born overseas, and there are large groups of ex-pats from most major countries, including a thriving British community. One can quickly find a friendly, sociable group of ex-pat friends. There are chances that almost all of the colleagues were born overseas. Dubai has the highest proportion of foreign-born residents in the world, making it an incredibly easy place to be an expat.


One of the main reasons to manoeuvre to Dubai is the city's rate. Dubai has an enviably low rate. They need strictly enforced laws and well-respected personnel. The streets of Dubai are extremely friendly and safe, which is why Dubai is a great country to live in. The essential level of alertness is enough to steer a secure life. Although Dubai may be a Muslim country, the massive number of Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist residents has created an amicable, tolerant attitude towards religion. One can practice any religion or none, provided he or she shows courtesy and respect. Religious events like Diwali, Christmas, and Eid are all celebrated with equal enthusiasm. Men and women can practice in any public area day or night and feel almost no risk or threat.

Now that you have so many reasons for making Dubai your home, all put together, what is really holding you back?

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