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Got your new recruitment in Dubai straight for 2 years? Are you looking for a work permit in Dubai for 2 long years? Then guess what you can easily apply for the 2 Years Dubai Visa. Dubai has now become the most popular Emirate from all the Emirates of the UAE. People from all across the globe visit here not only to visit the immense beauty but also the amazing opportunities of business and work here

Dubai is day by day going through the amazing advancements for all the job seekers across the globe and welcomes them to work here. Hundreds and thousands of people visit here and try their luck in the business arena of Dubai. They work really hard to earn the better living of their life here in the luxurious setting of Dubai. They travel far away from their home towns and countries to work here and earn a peaceful living which the Emirates provides you in every possible advancement.

What are the Long-Term Visa Types?

Generally, 2 types of categories are there in the long-term visa:

  • Long Term stays with your Spouse. 

  • Work in the UAE.

The work in the UAE is any job in the particular authorized company or even if you are establishing a business for yourself. The dependent stay or the long-term stay can be with your house help or your family. For both of the categories you would need a Dubai 2 years long visa.

Terms and Conditions for the Dubai 2 Years Visa

  • If you are planning for the work then the work permit is required and for the long-term stays is the dependent visa.
  • In both cases a sponsor has to provide you the services to issue the visa.
  • In the case when the company is employing its employees from all across the globe then it becomes a sponsor for the person who is applying for the same.
  • A Partner Visa is issued if you are having an independent business.
  • It is also renewed every three years. 
  • You can easily apply for the work permit of 2 years in Dubai, it's just that a company has to sponsor you or if you are the candidate applying for, then you have to pay the Dubai Visa Fees.
  • If you are a person who is planning to stay settle with your family or stay for the long term without any of the employment. In this case also you need a sponsor which can be your husband/wife or any other family member. 
  • If you are applying then you are not allowed to work with someone else other than your sponsor. 
  • House helps, maids, drivers usually apply for the Azad Visa. The Azad Visa states that a particular person is not restricted to work for anyone in a particular sense.
  • But these people are only allowed for limited jobs and they can only apply for the odd jobs. 
  • The person who is applying for the Azad Visa isn’t liable for any labor law coverage and also, he/she cannot claim the rights given to all the workers.
  • The Azad Visa option is generally not an effective and favorable option to choose from.
  • Only those who want to go for the odd and the low jobs should apply for the Azad Visa in the Emirates.

Fees for the Dubai 2 Years Visa

It can cost you around USD 4000 along with the processing fees. If you are applying for the cancellation then the visa fee is non-refundable.

The company needs to bear all the expenses if you are the employee working there in Dubai. You need to bear all the major expenses if you are a partner of the owner of the company. The dependent visa for your wife or your kids is a personal matter, so you need to bear all the expenses.

What will happen if someone is found working in Dubai without a work permit?

  • As per the strict rules by the UAE Government you are only allowed to work for the company which is sponsoring you, and no company other than that. 
  • You would be held liable for the imprisonment or the fines or deployment as well.
  • Your sponsor would also be treated and sponsored on the same backdrops where the sponsor has provided employment to the person who is not sponsored by you as a sponsor.
  • You would be charged a minimum fee of AED 50,000 if this case appears. 
  • This rule also goes well with the dependent visas as well.
  • If you were caught working for someone other than your sponsor then the same strict rules would be imposed. 

How can I obtain a work permit?

  • The work permit is generally done through the company for which you are working. 
  • That company processes and applies the Labor Card based on the particular foreign employment quota.
  • Also, if you are planning to set up a business you would need a sponsor who can be a local citizen, if you want to apply to process your work visa.
  • So, this is all about what you got to know about the 2 years Dubai Visa.
  • If you are planning for work or business then this guide will be worth it.

This was all about Dubai Wok Visa or you may say 2 year long-term visa. With Dubai E Visa Online, you can apply Dubai Tourist Visa for 30 days and 90 days, which can be single entry or multiple entry as per your choice. To apply the visa you will need a coloured copy of your passport which should be valid for minimum of 6 months on your day of arrival to dubai and also a scan of your photograph and your return flight ticket. Then you cdan fill Dubai Visa application with the documents and you will recieve you visa in 3-4 working days. So apply your Dubai Visa Now with Dubai E Visa Online.

Frequently Asked Questions

A waiter can apply for work visa to abu Dhabi which is valid for a period of 2 years.

  1. The process begins with the provision of a work permit for a MoHRE expatriate. The working license permits the bearer to enter the UAE and is valid two months from the date of issuing.
  2. Once an employee has entered the UAE on the basis of a work authorisation, the sponsoring firm arranges to fill in medical testing requirements, receive the UAE Resident Identity (Emirates ID) Card, Labor Card and stamp the work permit on his passport within a period of 60 days. The permit to work in the employee's passport indicates that he is sponsored by the company in which he works.
  3. The employee can then sponsor and bring his family members to the country.

The work visa costs 5000 AED with a validity of 2 years.

The Abu Dhabi work visa gets approved in 3 working days.

The requirements for abu Dhabi work visa are:

  • Valid Passport and its Photocopy
  • Passport size photo.
  • Emirates ID card.
  • Entry permit
  • Medical screening results
  • Company card copy
  • Company commercial license copy
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