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Well if you thought Bugatti and Lamborghinis are car brands that only rich people could drive then you might have guessed it wrong, as policemen in Dubai are no less when it comes to driving these brands. With a city as extreme as this, one ought to definitely have a first-hand experience with Dubai and hence Dubai E Visa Online is here to provide you with that opportunity so that you can now apply for your Dubai visa for Congo nationals and have a look at this marvelous place with your own two eyes! This means Congo nationals need not have to go somewhere or the other places to get their visas issued to travel to Dubai. 


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  • Honeymoon in Dubai 
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30 days visa to Dubai:

While Congo nationals have a wide range of visas to choose from, 30 days Dubai visa can be a good choice for those who want to have a long but not that long stay and this is the apt period that both tourists and business travelers can afford to spend. With a total of 60 days validity, you will be able to stay for 30 days in between the validity period. You can also have the 30 days single entry Dubai visa and the 30 days multiple entry Dubai visa. This will depend on the purpose of your visit to Dubai. While there are some who enter Dubai and then take a tour but will want to exit and re-enter again due to some business back at their hometown during the vacation. In this case, most people go for the multiple entries visa. While those who need to enter only once will only need a single entry visa. With just a visa fee that is quite low than anywhere and a service fee, you can avail of this visa through Dubai E Visa Online. 

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Honeymoon in Dubai: 

If you have been trying to search for the perfect getaway for your honeymoon vacation then you will not be disappointed as Dubai is going to meet all your expectations no matter how hard it is. With two parts such as the desert side and the city side, Dubai is an absolute place one might want to go at for their honeymoon. The things you can do during your stay for a honeymoon in Dubai is also not less and can be given as follows: 

  • Enjoying a ride on Hot Air Balloon along the desert sand dunes
  • An overnight desert safari camp 
  • Shopping from Dubai malls and an endless number of Souqs to get the perfect souvenir for your visit
  • While some would need a romantic honeymoon, there are some who would like it to be an adventurous trip and can definitely take part in experiencing various skiing, surfing, and bungee jumping opportunities. 
  • A stay at Burj Al Arab with a beautiful view. 

So, having these many and many more things to do in Dubai, your honeymoon is definitely a hit! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, a 30 days Dubai visa is only valid for 30 days stay validity, and hence you will have to apply for another one. 

There is no need to show your marriage certificate as the visa applied for will be for an individual and hence needs only the basic documents to be produced. 

There is no need to produce extra documents and you will only need the basic mentioned Dubai visa requirements to be produced in order to get the Dubai visa. 


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