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complete guide to gdrfa and services provided by gdrfa

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Dubai is a city with great pomp and show. It is a place that is highly populous with more than three million people residing in the city. It has many marvelous architectural amazements that are constructed in just an area of 1,588 square meters.

Anyone wanting to visit Dubai can navigate to the website named Dubai E Visa Online. The website will make sure that one gets a Dubai Visa from any country of any type and permission to enter Dubai as the staff is legally experienced.

What is GDRFA- Dubai?

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) is the governing body of the city that manages and facilitates the arrival and exit of tourists and also expatriates in the city. It also manages the residency of people from other nations.

The city is very prominent among people from all other countries. It has the lowest rate of offenses and has impeccable rules and regulations that regulate the crime rate and the people coming and going from the place.

GDRFA helps people move to a fabulous city. One might be a tourist or an expatriate Dubai resident, it offers services honestly and tirelessly to all. 

What are all the services that the GDRFA bestows upon all the people?

Family book services: GDRFA caters to fulfilling the needs of the family books to the expatriate residents of the city.

Under the family book services, this government body incorporates all the services like modifications.

Most of the modifications are free of cost. A list of all the services are:

  • This service helps in giving a new family book to a divorced woman
  • Substituting a deformed or torn family book
  • It issues stolen or lost family book
  • An individual can request to cease the family book registration in case he or she moves out of the country.
  • One can apply the service for separating partners, especially when married to a foreigner.
  • A modification can be made by adding the child newly born in the country.
  • Adding a child newly born outside the city.
  • Including the Emirati wife
  • One can modify the tribe or clan mentioned in the family book
  • Including an ex-pat or foreign wife in the family book
  • Modifying the family book after the death of a person
  • The first name can be modified if there is a necessity
  • Request for applying for the marriage of a couple in the country.

Entry permit services: The recent announcement of the embassy states that all the people who want to return during the COVID-19 pandemic have to take an entry permit or approval from the GDRFA. One can also appeal for the extension or nullification of a visit visa. The detailed list of services under this includes:

  • One can obtain an entry permit for multiple entries for leisure
  • Long-term entry permit for single entry for travel purposes
  • An individual can avail of a long-term multiple-entry permit for work-related purposes
  • Durable single-entry visit visas for work 
  • Long-term arrival multiple visit visas for work
  • Shortening or canceling the entry permit
  • Lengthening the duration of the entry permit

Residency Services: One can avail of a new residency visa, or residency permit, increase or decrease the residency duration, and nullify visas are all done by this government service. If an individual wishes to renew his or her residency visa, this government institution helps with it. 

Transfer of residency permits or removal of escort services is also a part of it.

The services in detail are:

  • Issuing a residency permit for the domestic helpers
  • Stay permit for members of the family
  • Permission for the residence of the establishment 
  • Renewing the residency permit of domestic helpers, or family members, or an organization
  • Updating, renewing, transferring, and modifying the entry or exit permit services
  • Annexing or detaching escort services

Borders Control Services: This authoritative entity also regulates and controls the entry of people and goods from the borders. All three borders, air, water, and land are taken under its control. Registration of all the entries in the borders is made in this organization.

  • It offers a service of completing the processes of arrival into the country and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) from the marine ports or harbors. 
  • Registration of foreigners with entry permits through the marine ports.
  • It offers the service of registration of the number or frequency of people from the airports.
  • It regulates all kinds of arrival and exit of people and goods from the land borders.

Establishment Support Services: This service of the regulatory entity supports and manages the establishments or new companies or industries springing up in the area. It also supports new enterprises. The services under this sub-services involve the company's electronic portals, blocking enterprise services, etc.

  • This service helps to process the request to support the company or industry
  • Processing everything related to electronic services and
  • Lifting, adjusting, or inquiry about the ban if any on the organization
  • Cancellation, renewal, and modification of the representative cards of the establishments.

Violation Control Services: Three departments are included in controlling the violations. They are border control, documentation violation control, and follow-up of violators.

This service protects the government from being misused or abused. It helps in regulating the legal processes and makes sure everyone follows it. To list them clearly:

  • It includes all the services of paying fines, returning to the native country, and canceling the permits or visas of the violators
  • It also investigates to confirm the authenticity of the passport.

These services are all available if one installs the dxb smart app or navigates to the gdrfa website on the phone. This is separately called mobile services. Various services can be availed of like inquiry, entry or residency permits, overstays, etc. An individual or organization can utilize these mobile services. 

GDRFA has offered services relentlessly helping people and it has serviced forty-eight million tourists and sixty-five million other transactions. It is one of the strictest border regulatory systems in the whole world in 2015.


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