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how to sponsor someone to dubai

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According to the sponsorship visa requirements for Dubai, an individual must be sponsored by a sponsor in the UAE or have a valid visa that is currently in effect. Sponsorship should be through a company or individual with close links to the person being sponsored and proof of financial support should be provided. The sponsor should also have good relations with the local authorities. 

Sponsoring your family is a good way to make the move easier and faster for them. The first is a valid visa. Second, home for your family. Finally, your spouse must have a job offer and be financially stable. If all of these requirements are met, then you can sponsor your spouse.

Sponsoring family members to Dubai

The process for sponsoring someone to Dubai is straightforward and can be completed in a few steps. First, you will need to create a sponsorship account with the emirates sponsorship board. Next, gather all of the necessary documents and paperwork for your family member, including proof of citizenship, residence, and sponsor's documentation. Lastly, submit all required documents to the emirates sponsorship board and your family member will be ready to travel to Dubai!


As long as one has a UAE residency permit and the financial means, you can sponsor your spouse, parents or children. Last year, the government updated its family visa rules and made it easier for ex-pats to bring their families with them.

The minimum annual salary requirement has been raised to 4,000 Dirhams or 3,000 Dirhams plus accommodation if you are a man. It has also been abolished that one can only marry a spouse who has the same job as them. This new law will be affecting husbands sponsoring their wives to live there from now on.

Sponsorship duration

If you are sponsoring a relative, they will arrive in the UAE with an entry permit. After two months if the sponsor hasn't submitted their residence application, the permit will expire and they must leave the country.

If you are outside of Dubai, the entry permit is called "tasheera." You can get this document online, but there are many steps involved. You can find a typing centre first and fill out the form for AED 50.

Sponsors must apply for visas that are similar to the dependents' visas. For example, if their visa is for three years, their dependents may also get a stay of up to three years. However, this will not apply to parents and adult sons. 

If you are a dependent of a worker and their visa expires, they have 30 days to obtain a new one or they will become an illegal resident and have to pay an overstay fine.

Medical Fitness

In order to get a residence visa, you must take a medical fitness test at a governmental approved healthcare facility. Dependents may be given an additional health test as well.

Sponsoring family to Dubai

The following documents are required when applying to sponsor a family living in Dubai or the other emirates:  

  • Salary slips 
  • Contract for your apartment  
  • Latest utility bill 
  • Marriage certificate 
  • Birth certificates of children and copies of passports.  
  • The applications should also have photos  
  • Clearances from any medical examinations 
  • An employment contract is also necessary for foreigners.

To sponsor a wife, you must have a marriage document. In Abu Dhabi, the listed requirements are that the sponsor has to be employed and earns a minimum of 10,000 (or 8,000 and housing) for example to sponsor their spouse.

If a woman earns more than 10,000 AED annually, there are no limitations to sponsoring a family in Dubai. Obtaining special permission from GDRFA is essential.

Sponsoring children

The UAE residence visa for a child must be sponsored differently, depending on the type of child. For instance, only daughters can be sponsored if they are unmarried.

For those living in the United Arab Emirates, the age limit for the son to sponsor their parent is 18 years. However, if they are studying abroad or in-country, then they can have citizenship until age 21.

If you have step-children, you can sponsor them under the same conditions as a biological child. You must have a deposit of each child in place and obtain consent from the biological parent. The government will grant one-year visas, which are renewable annually.

Single women in the UAE are allowed to sponsor their children, which can be provided with a no-objection certificate (NOC) from their children's father.

Sponsoring parents

You must make 20,000 dirhams or 19,000 dirhams in addition to obtaining a medical insurance policy for your parents. Sponsoring for a year can be costly and needs a deposit per parent. 

Sponsoring both parents is the norm when per the GDRFA, but this is not possible in event of death or divorce. 

What happens if my family members get sick during their stay in the U.A.E.?

If your family members are ill or need to be hospitalized during their stay in the U.A.E., the best way to handle the situation is to contact the nearest hospital in Dubai. The hospital will be able to provide information on how to get treatment and what kind of insurance coverage your family may have.

Another option is to try contacting a travel insurance company. Many of these companies offer emergency medical coverage that can help cover the costs of hospitalization or other medical expenses while in the U.A.E.

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Sponsoring a family member in Dubai is one of the most common ways for foreigners to live and work in the UAE. By following these simple steps, you can make sure that your loved one has everything they need while they are living in the UAE and that you are able to maintain good relations with the local authorities. If you're interested in sponsoring a family member, be sure to read our article on the requirements first! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can sponsor anyone other than a spouse, children, or parents. However, you must meet the sponsorship requirements of the country in which you are sponsoring them.  

Since dependents can apply for Emirates ID online, it is quite easy to submit the necessary requirements. The process is quick and simple as you need a valid Emirates ID and passport-size photos of the applicants. 

If a person has a residence in the UAE, they can sponsor their family if they have a minimum salary of AED 4k and accommodation.

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