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Dubai Visa for US Green Card Holders

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Travelers with a green card or a US visa are now eligible for Visa through Dubai E Visa Online. Whether one wants to stay on vacation in luxurious hotels in Dubai or explore Dubai, the travelers who have a US visa or green card are now eligible for a Dubai E Visa, including Abu Dhabi through the online portal of Dubai E Visa Online. The eligibility for both passport and visa is that one should have a validity of a minimum of six months from the arrival date for both passport and visa. 

Dubai Visa Extension for US green card holders

The Passengers transiting via Dubai or any other UAE airport and desire to enjoy an eternity can apply for a Dubai visit visa for a maximum stay of 90 days. This is beneficial for those US visa and green card holders who are traveling to India and also have relatives in the UAE. And also one might simply like to stop by as a tourist wanting to explore this popular shopping destination. 

Dubai Visa cost for American green card holders

The fees for the Dubai Visa for a maximum stay of 90-days costs approximately 426 USD per traveler and the renewal fee is separate. This is not only a very convenient option but also a cost-effective option. So to apply the visa visit the website of Dubai E Visa Online and apply your visa through hassle free process. 

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