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Dubai is the most popular and richest country around the world. It has a beautiful skyline, mega falls, deserts, beaches, buildings and many other impressive things found in Dubai. So everyone wants to visit and see the beauty of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai has made strict rules for visitors and also has made restrictions on some countries for entry. Dubai visa for Croatian residents necessity is administration section limitations by the authorities of different states put on residents of Croatia.

Before applying for a Dubai visa make sure that you know all the details and also terms and conditions for the Dubai visa. Check out the details given by the government of Dubai. Every Croatian have all the information of the following requirements for documents needed to enter the world of Dubai.

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Requirements of documents for Croatians

While applying for a Dubai visa online make sure you have all the details regarding Dubai e visa online.

  • Have a copy of Croatia passport required for the bio page.
  • A scanned clear copy with minimum remaining 6 months of validity.
  • A coloured clear photograph of traveler
  • If more than one them people also have their coloured photograph.
  • Black and white photos will not be allowed.
  • If you are staying in Hotel then provide all the booking details including your family members, relatives etc.
  • And at last flight booking details of candidates and their family members.

Choose your visa type for the Dubai visa.

There are three types for Croatian citizens

1) Tourist visa - Tourist visa for tourism and spending their vacation time with family members or alone.

2) Long term visa - Long term visa is for a year such as for 2 investor visas, 3 years investor visa.

3) Transit visa - Transit visa is for hours like 48 hours and 96 hours.

Note:- It is always recommended booking your particular flight after the approval of your Dubai visa.

Choose your visa type and their validity before applying for a Dubai visa online.

Minimum 6 months required for the validity of the visa.

Apply Dubai Visa from Croatian

As per your convenience it is suggested to apply for a Dubai visa online. Croatian citizens required to fill the application form for Dubai visa. Follow the steps to fill the Dubai visa online application form. First of all Croatian citizens needed to select the following option.

Step - 1 

  • Select the citizenship country, visa country and purpose of your visa, then visa type.
  • Now fill in the personal information of a particular candidate including full name, date of birth, nationality ID no.,gender, personal email ID, mobile no.,etc.
  • Other details such as passport information needed to fill including passport no., Passport type, date.of arrival etc.
  • Then fill in the permanent address, city country and postal code.
  • Croatian citizens can upload the documents after filling it carefully.

Note:- It is recommended to recheck your documents before uploading your application.

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Step - 2

After uploading the documents, the next step is to pay the processing fee for the Dubai visa online. Croatian citizens needed to pay the required amount for the Dubai e visa online. They need to pay an exact amount for the approval of their  Dubai visa.

  • Croatian citizens need to pay the processing fee by choosing the payment method.
  • There are several options for payment such as Credit card, Debit card, PayPal etc.
  • Then they need to proceed with the payment for the Dubai e visa online.

Note: Croatian citizens need to add more details if they are visiting with their family members, relatives etc.

Also, they need to pay additional fees for applying on a Dubai visa with more than candidates.

Step - 3

Once in the payment process the croatian citizens are required to wait for approval for the  Dubai e visa online. This will take 2 to 3 days. It all depends on the type of visa for example:- tourist visa or transport visa.

  • Since approval they need to check their status for Dubai visa online.
  • Download the Dubai e visa from the unique link that is already sent in your personal email.
  • Verify the Dubai e visa online
  • Now Croatian citizens are ready to travel to Dubai.

Note:- If Croatian citizens did not get approval then there might be a problem in their application form. 

Before submitting, recheck all the typed documents.

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Before applying for the Dubai e visa online check your typing mistakes, for example, spelling in name, city, country, passport details in numbers properly mentioned. It is recommended to apply your. Dubai e visa online is the best platform to get 100%  Dubai visa approval within 48 to 96 hours, also less documentation is required and 24/7 customers services.

Apply Dubai Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The mountains, deserts, and white sand beaches are the best hiking in the middle east of rak city. It never fails to surprise the visitors. 

Rak is becoming a great alternative to Dubai express for ex-pats who seek to live abroad. The emirates are much cheaper than Dubai. 
A single person costs eight hundred eight dollars without rent. It's less expensive than New York.
With other emirates, the men of rak city wear a simple design dress called kandurah. The design of this garment varies on location and weather. Men of all the classes wear sandals. 
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