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airport transit in dubai security checks and procedures

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Airport transit occurs when you take connecting flights. As most of you might have experienced, few countries do not have direct flights. There may be direct flights but they can be costly. Connecting flights are cheaper and you have to make an airport transit. Transit is also called layover.


Transiting Dubai Airport

People from different countries have different rules for transiting in Dubai. The Dubai government provides transit visas on arrival to the airport for citizens of a few countries. People of other nationalities have to apply for a transit visa before arriving at the Dubai airport.


You have to thoroughly study the rules when you are transiting in Dubai airport if you want to go out of the airport. One has to examine the visa requirements in coordination with one's local Embassy, well in advance.

Changes in the transiting Dubai airport

According to the recent changes, Dubai airport provides a free transit visa for two days or forty-eight hours. For an extra day, you have to pay. The ninety-six hour or four days transit visa of Dubai costs AED 250. Express transit visas cost more. For the people who can avail of a transit visa on entry, one can go to the transit visa desk at the airport to obtain a transit visa. When a transit visa on entry is not available, you have to book earlier.


For applying for a transit visa or a visit visa, visit Dubai E Visa Online. People of any citizenship can apply for visas through this website. All the data expected to apply for the visa is accessible on the site. After your visa approval, you can directly get a mail from them, and it will make sure that your visa does not get rejected.

Things to remember for transiting Dubai airport

It is better to book connecting flights of the same airlines to avoid complexity. The airport of Dubai welcomes more than seventy percent of all its passengers.  The free 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa is also introduced to increase the income from these seventy percent of people. The least transit time between two flights especially of the Emirates airlines is one hour or sixty minutes. Earlier this time was seventy minutes.


You need to book the flights with a minimum of one hour transit. This will be convenient for you to board another flight on time. Even if your transit visa is for a longer time, you have to reach the airport soon enough for you to board the connecting flight, hassle-free.

The following steps or procedures to know that will help you to transit in Dubai airport efficiently:

It can be very tiring to think of the procedures at the Dubai airport when you are transiting. Transit can be confusing and time taking. Here is the information to make your transit a comfortable experience at Dubai airport.

  1. When you arrive at the Dubai airport from the previous flight, make sure to find your connecting flight on the display screen.
  2. Remember the name of the gate and the number.
  3. If you book your first flight with Emirates airlines, you need to reach the central transfer desk that is in the third Terminal.
  4. If you book your first flight with FlyDubai airlines, you need to reach the central transfer desk at the transfer desk in the second terminal.
  5. You have to reach the connecting counters or transit help desks if you do not have the boarding pass. You can enquire about your doubts about transit also.
  6. There are people with shirts saying May I help you?” you can ask these people for directions.
  7. One cannot leave the airport if one does not have a visa. In that case, you have to confirm that your connecting flight takes off before the completion of twenty-four hours or one day after your landing.
  8. You need to go to the shop close to your gate if you want to shop for things, just before your boarding time approaches.
  9. You have to remember that you cannot hear any announcements in Terminal 3 of the airport.
  10. Gates for the connecting flights close twenty minutes before the departure.
  11. If you have a very long transit and want to rest in the airport, you can rest in Terminal 3 as it is silent.
  12. Terminal 3 also has sleeping pods, leg rests, and chairs. You can book a lounge and can choose your bed. There are many hotels close to the airport.
  13. You can book a  hotel near the airport in one kilometer of the vicinity of the airport online using Dubai E Visa Online.
  14. Drinking water at Dubai airport is free. If you want to leave the airport make sure you fill your water bottle to save your money.
  15. If you are self-connecting in Dubai, you need to move out of the airport. You can do this if you have a transit visa. 
  16. You have to plan at least an hour gap in between to move between the terminals.
  17. After you arrive in Dubai, you might be taken in a bus or through an air bridge to the other terminal.
  18. You have to remember that the "minimum connection time "(MCT) is two-hours. You have to book the connecting flight so that you do not miss the connecting flight.

Security checks while transiting in Dubai Airport

  • One has to go through the security checks after reaching the other terminal.
  • Your hand luggage will be checked.
  • The checking lines are long but you will pass through the security checks pretty soon.
  • Everything goes under scanning before you reach the transit hall.
  • You can buy duty- free items at Dubai airport.
  • Your other baggage passes security checking only once and it is directly forwarded to your connecting flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you will require a transit visa at abu dhabi airport if you are transiting from abu dhabi and travel ahead to some other destination.

Yes, they are connected. You can travel through a shuttle bus service which is available every twenty minutes. It will take you thirty minutes to reach.

It depends on your ticket. If it is just one ticket, it will be forwarded. For two tickets, you have to collect your baggage and pass the security checks. You will need a transit visa to do so.

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Yes, you need to pass through the security check before reaching the next gate. Your hand luggage is checked.

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