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know about all the countries eligible for dubai visa in 2024

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Dubai is a city that is widely famous for its security and laws. It is one of the most visited and recommended emirates among the seven emirates of the UAE. Being called a collection of one of the sexiest destinations to explore. This emirate is hugely counted as a wishing country at the top. 

Almost every country is eligible for a Dubai visa, but similar to other countries, this emirate has a surplus for some selected countries. This surplus may be accorded in the form of any lawful befit or Dubai visa requirement

As I said, every country is eligible for a Dubai visa, but at the same time, if it's about eligibility for a Dubai visa, some of the countries are excluded from the list. This may be due to the diplomatic relationship with the nations or maybe bad relationships with the other nations. 

Entitled countries for Dubai Visa in 2024

Before discussing the 'eligible countries for a Dubai visa, let's first understand the meaning or, as we can say, the need for a Dubai visa. 

A Dubai visa is an authorised document that is being allotted by the Dubai government after the final authentication process of your Dubai visit. This is similar to your visiting or stopover licence, which welcomes you with the authority that you are eligible to take a tour of Dubai

This document is encrypted with all necessary information, like your name, nationality, satay-over days, validity days, and number of entries. 

Because of its advanced and more modern features, anybody can apply for a Dubai visa by sitting in any corner of the world. One can attain a Dubai visa in just three simple steps with a door-to-door delivery facility. In a single line, you can gain your Dubai visa online

Now, let's discuss the eligible countries for the Dubai visa. Except for some of the listed countries, every other nation is eligible for a Dubai visa. Because Dubai is not settled down with its embassy in any of the countries, that's why you should apply online at 

Countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Nationals of GCC countries do not need a visa to enter Dubai. However, in January 2020, the UAE suspended diplomatic relations with Qatar. 

Documents Required for Dubai Visa Application Form

  • A complete application form

  • 6 months valid passport

  • Multiple passport-size photographs with white background and no accessories

  • Cover letter submitted by the applicant, where you mentioned the purpose of visit

  • Confirmed flight tickets in case of single-entry visa

  • Details of confirmed hotel bookings or staying destinations must be submitted to the Dubai government

  • Copy of your bank statement or International debit or credit card as proof to ensure that you can spend the selected number of days in Dubai

If sponsor, 

  • Then invitation letter (copy or real) from a recognised Dubai citizen

  • Initial paperwork must be submitted by the sponsor to the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation at least 3 hours of landing your flight

  • The required payment would be paid by your sponsor

  • A copy of sponsor's labour ID and residential ID should be submitted to the security checkup

  • Details of your sponsors residency and a letter from your sponsor revealing he or she is taking your responsibility till the date you are

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