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A complete guide to dubai maid visa

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The demand for servants or for cleaning services throughout the UAE and the region of the GCC has steadily increased in recent years. Expatrons and even busy locals hire homemade cleaning in Dubai to relax their life and also try to reduce the burden of complex work on a daily basis. There are now certain procedures and rules to apply to those who plan to sponsor a part-time maid or intend to go for professional residential cleaning services. There are also certain limitations on who can sponsor a maid. So here we present you the guide to Dubai Maid Visa. So read and find out the details.

Preconditions for Dubai Dubai Maid Visa 

  • It is possible to sponsor a maid in Dubai only by a person with decent financial revenues – whether a person is a man or a woman in a family.
  • At least one two-bedded flat the sponsor should live in.
  • Only Indian, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Ethiopia can be used as sponsored maids.
  • Sponsors must obtain a valid Dubai Residence Visa and a minimum stay of 30 days
  • Bachelors may not hire a maid.

If you do your homework and prepare yourself in advance, irrespective of what buildings you are looking for, whether you are a serious cleaning company or home cleaning maids, the visa application process for foreign domestic workers is straightforward and simpler. There are some tricks to manage the paperwork on your own, but also to ensure that the office services are well attended to.

Before you start, ensure that the sponsor is yourself and your family – you must be a UAE resident who is considered the head of the family, and your income registered must exceed 1635 USD a month.

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Before Arrival of Maid 

When your new maid reaches an agreement, it is possible to start the application process so that the maid can enter the UAE legally. Document submissions and initiation of the process should be made at a General Residency and Foreign Affairs Directorate (GDRFA) office that is a member of the Ministry of Interior of the UAE. There are only 38 branches in Dubai, so one near your home is highly likely. You must deposit 544 USD (refundable amount) upon application and submit as follows:

  • Contract of Work Sponsor (as proof of adequate income) - Arabic salary sponsor's certificate (for public sector workers or government employees) OR, labor contract (for employees in private companies).
  • Bond or title certificate (to testify that your home has at least two bedrooms). This must be proven by Ejari, which can be completed online and endorsed on the same day in a relatively simple way.
  • A type-in application form for the entrance permit for the maid, easily accessible from a type office authorized. The form itself costs 29 USD, but typists charge their services with additional administrative costs (these vary from typist to typist). An additional 27 USD is included in urgent applications. If your future employees are already in the UAE, you also have to invest an extra 136 USD.
  • A copy and a copy of the sponsor's passport (attested marriage certificate is also needed if the spouse is not sponsored by the head of the family)
  • A copy of the passport of the maid
  • At least three photos of the maid's passport
  • An agreement on a no relation between the ambassador if the maid is from the same country as the sponsor

You will receive a job permit from your maid by courier once these documents and the request is processed and if your application succeeds. The next step is to send your maid a registration permit so that she can go into the country. You may send a copy or an original (in this instance, your maid must wait for the arrival at the airport –Dnata visa desk or the counter for Dubai Naturalization and Residency.

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After the Arrival of Maid

You must apply for their residence visas, Emirates ID, and fitness checks within no more than 30 days of your new staff arriving in Dubai.

The individual can be registered either via an authorized typing bureau and online for a medical appointment. The medical fitness examination for the maids can be carried out in various Dubai facilities for pregnancy and conditions such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and Syphilis. The method also includes a vaccination for hepatitis B (administered in three separate doses). The majority of appointments are in the Muhaisnah or Sonapur Medical Fitness Centre, as it is known on the streets, although there are many others throughout the city. You can go there right next door to the Emirates ID Bureau. In applying for the Emirates ID, the maid must take his fingerprints and photographs. After about two weeks, IDs can usually be collected. Usually, you are advised to keep the stamped paper form because you need it for the residence visa application of the attendant.

You must now visit an authorised typing centre more than halfway through the process to obtain an application form for a visa residence. The annual visa fee of 1415 USD shall be paid for the sponsor.

You should then apply together as sponsors and maid for a residence visa in the GDRFA office, where you should submit:

  • Form to apply for the residence visa
  • Medical fitness report (this report is, in some cases, forwarded directly to the GDRFA, if so, notified by SMS)
  • Application form stamped on the Emirates
  • Stamped entry permit, original passport and a photograph associated with it
  • Your own passport is copied
  • Receipt of security deposit
  • Your contract of employment with your maid

You should inform the officer of the agreed salary and include that sum in the standard contract, which you have to sign as a sponsor, your maid, and the officer. Once this is done, your servant's passport will include a one-year residence visa, and a domestic workers ID card will be issued.

So this is all in the guide to Dubai Maid Visa. For other visa-related questions, you can contact the customer support of Dubai E Visa Online.

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