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If you are traveling from Ghana to Dubai, this is the complete guide for how to avail Dubai visa for Ghana citizenship. Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. Millions of people from outside visit this city in the United Arab Emirates. From the tallest building to the largest mall, Dubai is known for its modern architecture and culture.


Citizens traveling from the republic of Ghana, South Africa can also apply for Visa to travel to Dubai, UAE. There are various types of Visas that they can apply for depending on their duration of stay.

Types of Visa for citizens of Ghana

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa (also known as Travel Visa) are the visas granted to the citizens for leisure purposes. These visas guarantee stays only for a predetermined amount of time


Types of Tourist Visas are:

  • 14 Days

  • 30 Days (Single entry)

  • 30 Days (Multiple entry)

  • 90 Days (Single entry)

  • 90 Days (Multiple entry)


Transit Visa

A Transit visa is the visas that last for a very short period of time. Say you have a layover and you want to explore that city rather than spending hours in the airport, this is the visa that you need.

  • 48 Hours Transit Visa

  • 96 Hours Transit Visa



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, being a citizen of Ghana, you will require a Visa to go to Dubai, UAE. You can get a visa online or apply for it in the visa application centre.

Dubai eVisa is an official document that allows you to legally enter Dubai. It is linked to your passport electronically.

The documents required are as follows:

  • Passport size photograph

  • Colour copy of your passport

  • First and the last page of your passport

  • Airline tickets (both ways)

Being a citizen of Ghana, you can stay in Dubai for a maximum duration of 30 days at a stretch.

A tourist visa costs around 643 GHC (Ghanaian Cedi)

The current currency exchange rate is 1.56 GHC for 1 United Arab Emirates Dirham

The average price for one-way flights from the capital of Ghana (Accra)  to Dubai is $365 which is 2109 GHC. The average price for round-trip flights is $583 which is 3369 GHC

The best currency to take to Dubai is the Dirham (UAE’s official currency). However, the United States Dollars also accepted in most of the places in Dubai.

If you are visiting Dubai as a tourist, you are going to spend around AED 900 – AED 1100 on a day-to-day basis.

Although it is rarely checked, it is safe to have your bank statement of 2 months with you.

The journey from Ghana to Dubai takes around 8-9 hours through a flight.

Yes, you can get a visa on Arrival in Dubai if you are traveling from Ghana. It is going to cost you around AED 700 – AED 1000.

The processing time for Dubai visa to be granted to Ghana citizens is around 10 days in a visa processing center.

14-days Dubai express visa costs around 500 GHC – 600 GHC.

It takes around 48 to 72 hours, depending on the type of your visa when you apply for Dubai e visa.

Yes, you will be able to cancel your Dubai visa but there is a charge for cancellation of Visa. The charge is 150 GHC.

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