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Most of us have come across the term “Travel Insurance” while checking the ticket prices and yet, we do not tick off that tiny box because we think that we do not need any insurance to cover us up.

Traveling to Dubai, the land of extravagant skyline, architecture, and luxury sounds thrilling. This place has so much to offer to you, from enriched cultures to calming beaches. But every journey comes with a handful of unpredictable risks and challenges. 

What if your flight gets canceled or your luggage gets stolen? What if your hotel bails out on you and you lose your passport? Or what if the deadly heat is no longer bearable for you and you are hospitalized? Dubai is the biggest city in the UAE and so is its medical bill.

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Why should you get travel insurance for Dubai Visa?

This question should rather be rephrased into why you must get travel insurance for Dubai Visa. Why would you spend so much of money planning and booking your entire trip only to skip on the travel insurance?

Travel insurance should actually be prioritized over your flight or hotel bookings. With the strict checking and Visa policies, there are times when the travel insurance is required as proof of documents, especially with immigrant cases. It helps you go through a proper checking of documents without any hassle.

It wouldn’t be good to know that you spent a lot on your trip only to fall sick and get hospitalized where the bill does not end. Or knowing the fact that you’ve been robbed and you are left with no money. Or you accidentally missed out on your flight.

Let us say that there are less, but not zero, chances of you coming across such incidents but would you like to plan out a vacation only to keep on constantly worrying about such things in the back of your head? And anyway, your life is way more expensive than any travel insurance you buy.

Benefits of a travel insurance

Flight cancellation

There is always a chance that your flight can get canceled and due to various reasons. Even more, chances that your flight can get delayed. Or say that you are new to this traveling scene and you skimp out on your flight because it took you too long to reach the airport.

We all know how expensive booking flight tickets can get. There’s a reason why we start with our bookings at least a month prior. Would you really want to miss a flight that you paid for and then book another expensive ticket last minute? Travel insurance has got you covered in these terms.

Losing your baggage

Be it at the airport or while enjoying the relics of Dubai, it is possible that you lose your belongings or forget it somewhere. Or maybe, you just lose a part of your belongings but those were your original documents. In a city away from home, with strangers, travel insurance is going to be your best buddy and help you out from such situations.

Medical insurance

In a foreign city like Dubai, consultation with a doctor costs a lot. And moreover, being hospitalized and getting treatment would cost you a fortune. Now, no matter how fit you are, you can never predict what you come across while you travel. Travel insurance with medical and non-medical coverage is going to save your life here, quite literally.

The benefits of your health insurance depend on the provider. But you can be assured that the following things fall under the most basic health insurance:

  1. Out-patient services

  2. Emergencies

  3. Hospitalization

  4. Mental health

  5. Maternity

  6. Prescriptions

  7. Labs

  8. Chronic disease management

  9. Pediatric services

Losing your wallet/cards

With planning ahead in time and booking tickets, it is no joke that you have saved up for this trip to Dubai for a while. And why not, it can get expensive traveling to a city of luxury like this. It would be devastating to realize that you accidentally lost your wallet with the money you’ve saved up for a while. And losing your wallet cancels all the plans you’ve had for the trip. It means you’ve lost your money, your cards, your passport, and also all the documents you need for the duplicate password. Only the travel insurance can help you in times like these to make sure that you are still secured and your trip doesn’t come to an end.


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The pros and cons of buying travel insurance for Dubai visa

When we talk about the advantages of buying travel insurance, the list is endless. With enough reasons stated above, travel insurance is an absolute must while traveling. There are a lot of risks and uncertainties one could encounter and it is good to have a backup in case things go wrong. In the end, nothing costs more than your life and safety.

On the other hand, when we talk about the disadvantages of buying travel insurance there’s just one thing to keep in mind and yes, it can get a bit too expensive. The longer you stay, the longer you need insurance for. You need to understand that the insurance policies are generalized and cannot mend into personalized insurance.

It can get a bit too confusing to pick the right insurance agency with the required benefits but we have got you covered for that.


Best Travel Insurance in Dubai

Before deciding on the best travel insurance that you can get while traveling to Dubai, let us have a look at the different types of insurances available for you:

  • Single trip travel insurance

  • Multiple trip travel insurance

  • Group travel insurance

  • Corporate travel insurance

  • Family travel insurance

  • Senior citizen travel insurance

  • Leisure trip insurance

The type of insurance you pick also depends on your stay and the time of your visit. Now, for you to determine the best travel insurance in Dubai, you need to checklist the following things. These are the necessities of any travel insurance plan and would help you get a better idea of which coverages are the most important:

  • Trip cancellation

  • Trip delay

  • Lost baggage

  • Delay of baggage

  • Medical (both short term and long term)

  • Loss of passport

  • Emergency cash

The factors which play an important role in deciding the type of insurance you want also depends on the duration of your stay, the number of members traveling with you, the purpose of your travel, your age and medical issues associated with it.


Travel insurance is one of the first things you should think about when you plan out a trip. There are always a lot of risks and hazards no matter where you travel. Do not let these uncertainties ruin your entire trip and leave you with an empty pocket.


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