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96 hours dubai transit visa

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Dubai, the most entice and endorse city can captivate a lot of tourists each year. Results, Dubai become an undeniably commercial and tourist hub. It is a very famous destination for flights that aired to other international countries. Every year a minimum of 21 million tourist visits Dubai.

When your layover period is more than 8 hours, you may in need of a transit visa or stopover  Dubai Visa. A transit visa is solely bound to entitle the visa holder to travel to a third country by taking a shorter period of stay in the intermediate country. Similarly, Dubai 96 hour's transit visa, allows the visa holder to stay in Dubai for at least for 4 days. In against with a validity period of 30 days. 

Dubai transit visa is not required for the nationalities of GCC six countries-Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman, due to political and economic alliance. 

Dubai 96 hours transit visa is come up with huge benefits for regular travellers and business officials. It gives long time benefits with small absorption of time. This 96 hours Dubai transit visa is not renewable, the applicant must leave the country within the allotted margin time. This visa is suitable for shortcoming events like a job interview, university counselling, normal visit to your loved one place, business meeting, etc. 

Dubai 96 hour’s transit hour visa is a single entry visa that demands confirmed round trip tickets and hotel bookings with proper health certificate as proof at the time of security checking at the airport.

Only Indians who are officially declared as a resident of the US, with valid US visitor visa or Green Card are eligible for a Dubai transit visa on arrival. The others must apply for a sponsored transit visa.

Almost the process and documents of all Dubai visas are similar but to some extent, it's different in their required documents. 

Required Documents for Dubai 96 hours Transit Visa

  • Complete application form with your signature 
  • Multiple passport size photographs
  • 6 months valid passport photocopy
  • Round trip flight tickets 
  • Cover letter from the applicant, where the purpose of both the visit and duration of the stay is mentioned
  • Proof of your staying destination like hotel reservation/bookings
  • Certified medical certificate from the UAE medical Centre.  
  • Proof of international expense, in the form of Debit/Credit card

The price of 96 hours Dubai Transit visa is not so costly like other international countries, it cost up to Rs.4000-Rs.5000 last. 

How to apply for Dubai 96 hours Transit Visa

You can go to our home page and can apply for this visa in simple four steps:

  • By categorizing your citizenship and living country
  • Choosing the entry type, whether single or multiple 
  • Filling the online applicant form 
  • Pay the required amount online

Succeeding of this process, you will receive an e-mail with an application ID which makes you regularly update with your visa process. In this whole process of earning Dubai 96 hour’s visa, one needs to wait for only 3-4 days. The visa will be soon delivered your e-mail id, you can download the file and can pack your bags to Dubai. 


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