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Who wouldn’t love to go to Dubai and enjoy their weekend with the white sandy beaches in Dubai? Well, no one would like to miss out on this opportunity. But what you need for this opportunity is a Dubai tourist visa. Dubai E Visa Online has always tried to work it out for our customers to get the most out of all the visas. But this is possible only when you come to know how to get these visas that you want! We are always here to help you with that purpose and now we will take a quick tour with all the questions in you mid and solve them out for you!


Q. What is a Dubai tourist visa?

When you plan to go to Dubai you tend to get a visa before you travel, in a similar way if you go for tourism purposes you will have to take a Dubai tourist visa. This is a document that will help with entry into Dubai. 

Q. What is important when applying for a Dubai visa?

When applying for a Dubai visa you need to have a Dubai visa application form along with some other requirements.

Q. If I am from the Philippines, will I get a visa to Dubai?

Yes, if you are a Filipino then you can definitely get a Dubai tourist visa for Philippines.

Q. What are the options that I can get when applying for a Dubai tourist visa through Dubai E Visa Online?

When applying through Dubai E Visa Online, you can get the following Dubai visa types:

  1. 14 days Dubai visa
  2. 30 days multiple entry Dubai tourist visa
  3. 90 days multiple entry  Dubai visa
  4. 5-year multiple entry Dubai tourist visa
  5. 90 days single entry Dubai visa

Q. How can I get these Dubai visas?

You can apply for a Dubai visa online at Dubai E Visa Online to get a visa through an online method. You can also apply through the embassy if you do not have an internet connection.

Q. How can I apply for a Dubai visa?

You can easily apply for a Dubai visa with some simple steps by following the steps given below:

  • Get your nationality checked with the visa types available
  • Select one to apply through an application form
  • Pay and get the visa delivered to you.

Q. Can I get a Dubai visa on arrival?

There are only some countries that can avail of this Dubai visa on arrival and hence if you belong to any of those countries then you can easily apply for one. 

Q. Is there a visa policy that I need to follow while applying for a Dubai visa?

Yes, there is a list of policies that come under the Dubai visa policy, and hence while applying it is important that you follow all the rules and regulations.

Q. What if an Indian citizen living in Canada wishes to bring his or her children with them?

If a Canadian wants to bring their children to Dubai then he or she can apply a Dubai visa for Indian citizens living in Canada and attach the required documents while submitting the form.

Q. Are there any reasons why my visa is getting rejected while applying for a Dubai visa?

There are times when a Dubai visa can get rejected and there are some common reasons for Dubai visa rejection as well. Knowing them will help you get a better application the next time you apply for a Dubai visa.

Q. Is a confirmed airline ticket an important requirement when applying for a Dubai visa?

Yes getting a confirmed airline ticket will help you get the visa while not submitting one can also lead to the visa application rejection. Now that is something you might not want to face. 

Q. Does Dubaievisaonline provide the best Dubai visa service?

When you talk about the Dubai visa service we indeed try to get the best Dubai visa services for you. Helping you get the visa on time and at a rate that you can comply with has been our motto forever!

Q. Is a Dubai visa extension possible for the foreigners who want to stay for a longer period of time?

Yes, a person can get their visa extended easily by giving in an extension application form to the embassy by stating the purpose of stay.

Q. If I am from Ghana can I get a Dubai visa?

If you are from Ghana then you can apply for a Dubai visa for Ghana citizenship which will help you get the visa to Dubai in a simple and convenient way!

With this, you can easily get a Dubai tourist visa through Dubai E Visa Online without having to spend much of your time surfing through the internet!

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