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all about the dubai investor visa renewal process in 2024

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The investor who is investing in any business has a stake in the investments, where quality is also a major factor. Also, there are a lot of risk factors in place that influence the final decision of the investor, so he needs to apply for the investor visa. Every business needs potential investors for growth in the financial aspects as well as for building that particular factor regarding the success of the company. Investors who decide to invest in your venture and the project also get entitled to the investor visa. He ultimately becomes a crucial part of the business or a partner who has to apply for the investor or partner visa. The investor visa is a legal document that is issued to all the potential investors of the companies, which allows these investors to stay and then operate and control the business operations and then finally leave that nation of working.

If you are an investor, then you have to check the renewal of the investor visa and also keep track of the same. You have to get that renewed before it starts to expire.

Dive in to learn more about the process of the same.

How can I renew my investor visa?

The renewal takes place through the online process.

Renewal through the e-DNRD Account:

The renewal process can be initiated at the particular typing centre with the help of the e-DNRD account user ID and password. You don’t have to visit the immigration office for the same.

Renewal without the e-DNRD account:

If you don't have the account, don't worry; the process of renewing your visa would be done by collecting and filling out the form from the typing centres, and then with that, you would need to submit the below-mentioned documents:

  • The original passport, which is valid for almost 6 months,.
  • 2 recent passport-sized photographs with a white background.
  • The original medical certificate.
  • Valid medical insurance.
  • A copy of the Emirates ID renewal form.
  • Accommodation: a copy of the attested tenancy (a 6-month hotel reservation would also be accepted in the form)
  • A copy of the latest utility bill.
  • A copy of the bank statement.
  • A copy of the service agent contract (for the professional licence).
  • A copy of the immigration establishment card.
  • The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of that sponsor.

So, after submitting these particular documents, you need to move on to the next step, which is the payment of the visa renewal fees.

What are the fees for the investor visa renewal?

  • The entire renewal package, including the visa renewal, the medical test, the Emirates ID application, and the investor/employee ID card:

    • For the investor: Normal (AED 3,600), Urgent (AED 4,600), and Royal (AED 5,100).

    • For other employees: Normal (AED 2,455), Urgent (AED 2,955), and Royal (AED 3,455).

  • The investor visa renewal package without the Emirates ID and the medical test:

    • For the investor: Normal (AED 2,730), Urgent (AED 3,730), and Royal (AED 4,230).

    • For other employees: Normal (AED 1,685), Urgent (AED 2,185), Royal (doesn’t apply).

** Note: For the employees applying for the renewal, labour card renewal is compulsory. 

What is the duration of the investor visa renewal in Dubai?

  • The Medical and the Emirates ID: 

    • For the investors: Normal (5 days), Urgent (2 days), and Royal (doesn’t apply).

    • For other employees: Normal (5 days), Urgent (2 days), Royal (doesn’t apply).

  • The visa renewal process (after the medical test):

    • For the investors: Normal (8 days), Urgent (4 days), and Royal (2 days).

    • For other employees: Normal (10 days), Urgent (5 days), and Royal (2 days).

  • The medical examination charges:

    • Normal (3 to 5 working days): AED 320.

    • 2 days: AED 420.

    • 1 day: AED 540.

    • VIP (3 hours): AED 750.

After your investor visa renewal process is done, the investor will get a new visa with the visa extension validity. 

But it’s not over yet; next, you need to renew the residence visa after the process. 

Dive below and find all the documents that you need to apply for the Investor Visa Residency Renewal. 

What are the documents required for the investor visa residency renewal?

  • The Residence Visa Application.

  • The passport of the investor.

  • The previous residency visa.

  • The trade licence or the establishment card.

  • The medical certificate.

  • The health insurance card.

  • The Emirates ID Renewal Receipt. 

  • The list of sponsors comes from the Ministry of Labour.

The fee required for the renewal of the investor's residency permit is AED 250. And you need to pay more than AED 100 to go through the urgent process.

So, this was all about the important and necessary steps that you have to take for the renewal of the investor visa, and we explained to you the process of the investor residency renewal as well. Also, you must keep track of the expiration date of the visa so that you can avoid any discrepancy in the process of further applications and working. This is important if you have multiple investors for your business.

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