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If you are wondering, do Indonesians need a visa for Dubai? The answer is yes since they are not registered under this visa exemption list. A valid Dubai visa must be obtained by travelers before entering Dubai. However, the process for applying for a visa is fairly simple, and with the guidance of a Dubai visa expert, you will have no problem processing visas. A person traveling to Dubai generally applies for a UAE visa. GCC countries and around 33 nations are included in the visa exemption list for Dubai Visa

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For every traveler, processing visas is the biggest problem when planning a trip. There are numerous questions on this topic as to whether you need a visa to visit a particular country, what type of visa is required, and how to apply for one. If you are concerned about Dubai and wondering whether you need to apply for a visa before entering, you need to check that you are a national of the countries that appear in the list of visa exemptions.


1. Identify the type of Dubai visa required for Indonesian

Before Applying for Dubai visa for an Indonesian, the applicant should first understand what type of travel visa is required for the trip. This clearly depends on the purpose and duration of the Dubai trip. A Dubai tourist visa is required for tourist or social purposes. For business trips, meetings, and conferences, you should purchase a visiting visa for Dubai. There are also different categories for Dubai visas and visitors must select the type of visa that suits their purpose and length of stay in Dubai.


Visitors can apply these types of Dubai visa like 14 days Dubai tourist visa single entry, 48 hours Dubai Transit visa single entry,96 hours Dubai Transit visa single entry,30 days Dubai Tourist visa single entry, 30 days Dubai Tourist visa multiple entries, 90 days Dubai tourist visa single entry and last but not the least 90 days Dubai Tourist visa multiple entry. If you are unsure which visa is best for your travel plan, you can contact a visa expert for assistance.

2. Documents required for the Dubai Visa For Indonesians 

Once you've selected the appropriate type of visa, the next thing you need to do is complete an online visa form for Dubai with correct and complete information and provide all the necessary documents for visa processing. The following basic documents are required:

  • A passport with a validity of at least 6 months before arrival in Dubai and sufficient pages for the visa stamping. Handwritten passports are not accepted.
  • Properly completed an online visa application form with all mandatory information that is correctly filled out and duly signed.
  • Colour photos with dimensions of 35 mm x 45 mm, taken on a white background. The applicant's face should cover 70% of the photo and be straight and forward. Glasses, sunglasses, masks, headgear such as hats and scarves should not be worn. Religious headgear is allowed, but should not hide facial features in the photo. Photos should be clear and undamaged.
  • Proof of financing such as bank statements, which show that sufficient funds are available to cover travel expenses.
  • Proof of departure from the country in the form of confirmed return flight tickets and information on accommodation during your stay in Dubai. The booked flights should only get on and off from Dubai Airport.

additional information would be required depending on the type of trip:

  1. For a personal visit, ie a visit to relatives or families: the host's passport copies, the resident side, the cover letter, or the letter of guarantee as well as proof of relationship would be required.
  2. For official visits, i.e. participation in meetings, exhibitions: a cover letter from the company, an invitation letter from the host company, or a residence permit from the host are required together with a copy of the passport.

3. Duration of the visa processing

Once the application and documents have been submitted, it usually takes 3 to 5 working days for the visa to be processed. This period excludes Friday, Saturday, and UAE holidays. Travelers are advised to apply for a Dubai visa at least 4 working days and at most 2 months before the start of the trip. Applicants can track Dubai visa status using an application number. The visa is generated electronically and sent to the applicant's email ID.


Some important points to consider when applying for a Dubai visa from Indonesia:

1. Some airlines flying to Dubai require "Ok to Board" approval before passengers board the flight to Dubai. Once you have received your Dubai visa, you should check with your airline to see if they need Ok to Board approval and send a copy of the visa to the airline. You check your ticket and stamp your ticket with the status "OK to Board". This is very important as you cannot board the flight without this authorization.

2. Unaccompanied children over the age of 18 traveling to Dubai are required to present a husband or parent/guardian NOC along with their photo identification. Applications from minors will only be considered if they are traveling with parents or close family members.

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3. Marriage certificate, wedding card, marriage photo, and NOC from parents can be requested as additional documents when visiting Dubai for a honeymoon.

4.NOC Letter for Dubai Honeymoon Visa 

5. Dual citizens must present the same passport when entering and leaving the country


6. A clear and honest application and supporting documents pave the way for stress-free and smooth processing of visas. If you make sure that your application is complete and error-free and the reason for visiting Dubai is clear, you will avoid unnecessarily refusing your Dubai visa. A good travel report in your passport also helps with the easy processing of visas. If there are cases of illegal crime, fraudulent financial transactions, or false documents submitted, the visa is more likely to be refused.

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7. As with any travel destination, the final decision on your Dubai visa is in the sole hands of the country's consulate. The decision to allow any traveler to Dubai to enter is made by the Dubai Immigration Service. This means that visas can also be rejected after submitting all required Dubai visa requirements. Even with a valid visa, you may not be able to enter the Emirate for various reasons. Still, with a decent record, proper and genuine documentation, and a clear reason for visiting Dubai, you don't have to worry about a visa. With the help of a trained visa specialist, you can fully concentrate on your vacation in Dubai.

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