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If you have been planning to take your family to Dubai and stay for a long while, then you might have to get to know about the Dubai residency visa that will let you stay for not just months but for years. But you need to know a lot about this visa before you think about applying for it this is why Dubai E Visa Online will help you get to know about all the important information you ought to know before you apply for one. Dubai being a place where you can give shapes to your dreams is a place that can be complicated if you don’t know your way through! So do get to know about every information you need before you travel to this place

Frequently Asked Questions

Dubai residency visa is a visa that will not only allow you to stay for a long time but will also let you do your work here in Dubai. This residency visa is something you must get especially if you are here to work for a long time. It can be of various types depending on how you want to spend your long stay here in Dubai.

There are three main types of residency visa that you can get to stay here in Dubai, they can be given as follows:

  • Dubai residency visa by getting employment in Dubai
  • Dubai residency visa by getting a property under your name in Dubai
  • Dubai residency visa by getting a company registered under your name

You can use any of the three types of visas to get to stay in Dubai for a long time.

You cannot apply for a Dubai residency visa, until and unless you have your employment visa issued to you. This means that if you have got a job offer, then you will have yo apply for an employment visa for which you will need a work permit to be submitted.

Tourist can only have access to tourist visa unlike those who come here for a long stay. If you have been to Dubai as a tourist and want to continue to stay as a resident then you can apply for a resident visa but before that, you must have a good reason to do so, either you must have a friend or relative who works here or you must yourself have a job or any study-related purpose in order to stay for a long time.

A Dubai residency visa will have a validity period attached to it. Even if you do not cancel it before you leave the country, this visa will still expire even after you have left the country when the validity period is over. However, if you still want to go back on the same residency visa after some years then you can get it renewed before your visa gets expired.

In this way, you can easily apply for a Dubai residency visa with all the information being provided to you by Dubai E Visa Online.

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