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all you need to know about visa processing centres in the uae

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The United Arab Emirates brings a lot to you, from the world’s tallest building to the world’s largest shopping mall. A destination favored by tourists from all across the globe. But when it comes to tourists from different nations of this world, figuring out the visa process can get a bit tricky. That is when the Government of UAE decided to introduce Visa processing centers in the largest city of the Emirates, Dubai, for the better accessibility of services.

Visa processing centers in UAE offer you all the help you need with your visa and documentation. From processing your visa application to verifying the medical test applications, they have got you covered.

Since the Government of UAE has established such centers, there has only been a road to improvement. With well-equipped typing centers, high profile amenities, and excellent customer services, these centers have become the most convenient source of Visa processing.


  1. Benefits of Visa Processing centers in the UAE

  2. Services offered by Visa processing centers

  3. The procedure of Visa processing

  4. Types of Visa you can process

  5. Eligibility for Visa

  6. Cost of Visa in the UAE

  7. Location-specific processing centers

  8. FAQs

Benefits of Visa Processing centers in Dubai

  • They offer a cost-effective method of visa processing

  • All the Visa related government services take place under the same roof so you can spare yourself the hassle

  • Provides you with a speedy service due to the presence of efficient monitored systems

  • Highly experienced teams of professions are ready to provide you with the utmost user experience

  • Transactions take place at the same place reducing the customer visits from two places to only one place

  • Members with in-depth knowledge about the proceedings which result in smooth procedural government transactions

  • It is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the processing of Visa in Dubai   

While these typing centers have become the most convenient visa processing centers in the UAE, let us have an in-depth look about them.

Visa application centers are private companies that are authorized by the government of the UAE or have formal contacts with them.

Services offered by the Visa application centers

Process of Visa application centers

  • Centre of your own convenience Applying for a Visa through these Visa application centers gives you the benefit of picking your own nearest location. This is a very comfortable option considering the fact that there are a lot of documents involved in this process and you can be traveling with a group of people. The Visa application centers operate every day of the week and will provide you with personalized assistance.

  • Luxurious facilities The Visa application centers, here in UAE, make sure that you have the most convenient experience. Their top-notch amenities serve you with the best assistance and level up the completion of the process.
  • Appointment After finalizing your details about the trip and collecting the required documents, you can proceed to take an appointment as per your suitable time. Some centers offer you assistance even without an appointment if there is an urgent requirement of the service to you.

  • Documentation Once you have booked your appointment, you can walk in individually or with the group you are traveling to and proceed to submit your documents. The skilled representatives in these centers will carefully check and submit your documents as well as print out a copy of them for reference. 

  • Transaction After you are done with the submission of your documents, the next step is the payment. There are various options available for transactions in the visa application centers the payment is done on the same day, at the same place.

With this, you are done with the process of getting your Visa very swiftly at the Visa processing centers in the UAE.

Types of Visas in UAE

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visas are also popularly known as a visitor visa. This is the type of visa if you are visiting a country for leisure purposes. This does not include any business travels. Tourist visas for UAE can have a validity of 30 or 90 days with an extension of 30 days twice.

Service Visa

Service Visas are basically meant for the purpose of business. These visas are also both single entry and multiple entry which can be extended. This visa has a stay validity of 14 days.

Student Visa

Student Visas, as the name suggests, are made for students visiting a country for educational purposes. These visas can last from a few weeks to over a year as long as the course of education persists.

Transit Visa

A Transit visa is the visas that last for a very short period of time. Say you are traveling from destination A to destination C via flight and you have a layover at destination B for a couple of hours. If you plan to explore destination B rather than spending hours in the airport, this is the visa that you need.


Eligibility for a Visa in the UAE

The government of UAE has laid out some policies meeting which you will be able to apply for a Visa. Completion of the following required documents will make you eligible to grant a visa in the UAE.

  • Passport

  • Scanned copy of your passport (first and last page)

  • Passport photograph

  • Scanned copy of your Pan card

  • Confirmed airline ticket

Location-specific visa processing centers

There are various visa processing centers all across the UAE to help you sort out your visa applications. These processing centers are also known as typing centers or application centers. To help you find out your nearest visa processing center, we have listed out the visa processing centers specifying on locations like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, and Ajman.

Abu Dhabi

The capital and the largest of the seven have numerous processing centers for your convenience. Details of some are mentioned here:


Office Name



Irada Projects

AirPort Road


Union International Translation

Khalifa Street


Tasheel Massimo Transactions

Al Nasr Street


Ramz Al Theqa Printing Services




Dubai, UAE


Office Name



Alyameen documents clearing services

Business Bay


Moamala Hyatt Regency Tasheel

Naif Deirah Hyatt Regency


Al Taif Businessmen Services

Abu Hail


Platinum Link Business Center

Al Barsha



Sharjah, UAE


Office Name



Al Namat typing and Photocopying

Abu Shgarah


Tasheel Al Malomat Center

Abu Shgarah


Al Arabiah Busi Men Serv

Al Soor





Office Name



Special Serves Cen Tasheel

Al Ain Municipality


Sylhet Typing and Photocopying Office

Al Hayer


Reehant Al Qoua typ and Pho Cop Off

Al Quoa




Office Name



Emirates express businessman

Al Bustan


Moamalat businessman and trading

Al Garf


Alarqaoub businessman services

Al Garf



In conclusion, the Visa processing centers in the UAE are your ultimate destination if you are looking for all the visa processing work under the same roof. Trained professionals working at such centers are thorough with the details and ensure you a visa at the earliest.


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