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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get an Employment Visa in Dubai in 2024

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UAE, the country on the Persian Gulf, is the federation of seven ruling states, ruled by the royal family. Even though it has the 6th largest oil reservoir in the world, tourism and business are the driving forces behind its fastest-growing economy. With an exponentially increasing economy post-independence, it is the centre for the professional, skilled, and unskilled labour force.

Since Dubai is one of the cities with a continuously growing economy, there are immense work opportunities for people outside the UAE. The city of gold offers a very lucrative opportunity for people with different skills. 

If you are willing to work in Dubai and you aren't a UAE national, you must have a Dubai work permit, a permit to live and work here, and your employment contract. Based on the duration and type of employment, there are different kinds of work permits for working in a foreign country. Depending on your job and the time, a Dubai work visa is issued. So read about this employment entry visa and other details regarding this. 

Dubai Work Visa Guidelines for 2024

  • The first and foremost thing to do to work in the UAE is to have a confirmed job there.

  • Working in Dubai without a work visa is illegal, and it may put you and your employer both in serious judicial trouble.

  • Working in Dubai on a visitor or tourist visa is also illegal and is counted as a crime.

  • To be able to work in Dubai, the first thing is to have a residence visa that ensures your stay for the long term. 

  • A residence visa is meant for foreign nationals residing for a long period of time in a country.

  • In the UAE, a residence visa is valid for 3 years.

  • Before applying for a work visa, you must have an entry permit, a job offer letter, a residence visa, and a labour card.

UAE Work Visa Requirement (Documents and Eligibility)

Who is eligible to apply for a work visa?

  •  Any foreign national who is over 18 is eligible to work in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Depending on your academics, you are required to have educational qualification as categorised below:

  1. Either a Bachelor's Degree

  2. Or Diploma (post-secondary)

  3. Or High School Diploma

  • Have already applied for a job and are accepted for the position.

What are the documents required to apply for a work visa?

  •  Authentic passport

  • Degree of qualification

  • Job offer letter

  • Medical certificate after the health examination, issued by the licenced health centre in UAE

  • Residence Visa

  • Entry Permit

  • Completely filled visa application form

  • Passport-size photographs

How to apply and get a Dubai work or employment visa?

 Before applying, make sure you meet all the eligibility criteria, have a verified job offer letter, and have all the other required documents.

Steps to apply for Visa

1. The first thing to get the work visa is to have the entry permit issued by the Ministry of Labour.

2. It is the employer who applies for an entry permit to the Ministry of Labour on behalf of the employee.

3. After having the approved entry permit, the employee can enter the nation legally for employment purposes (for free zone employment). This permit is valid for 2 months, during which the employee needs to complete the remaining formalities.

4. After entering Dubai, the employee has to apply for a labour card and for free zone employment, an ID card. Both cards have a validity of 2 years.

5. After entering the country, the employee has 60 days to apply for and get their residence visa issued. 

6. With a duly completed application form and an original passport and entry permit, the employee needs to go to the Emarites ID service centre and apply for a residence visa with the immigration authorities.

7. After this, the employee needs to visit the health centre to get the fitness test done.

8. After having a valid medical certificate with all supporting documents, the employee needs to go to the Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD) to get visa stamped on their passport.

9. Keeping in mind the procedure and time frame for getting a UAE employment visa, it is necessary to apply for the permits and visa as soon as possible.

Once all the procedures are done and a work permit is issued to you, you are legally eligible to work in Dubai. In order to avoid any legal troubles, it is advisable to follow all the rules for working in the UAE and keep yourself updated with all the information regarding that. 

Since any illegal action will cost both you and your employer, you must always be aware and not do any illegitimate thing that is a punishable crime.

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