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We know that one of the most essential pillars of any business to flourish is the amount invested in them for the stake or the success or the grand projects. That’s what goes in Dubai business and Investor Visa comes in picture! It is also well known that if proper funding is not there in a business then it can’t settle or have a rigid base to grow leaps and bounds on the success rate in the upcoming years. Here the role of an investor comes into place, who is the major golden key in the establishment of any business entity. Also, we know the effect of globalization is such that any business can try its luck beyond the limitations of his home country. Due to this the expansion come into place and the investors provide their roles for the ventures.


Today, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is also said to be the land of gold and the flourishing state for businesses all across the globe which is looking for expansion and establishments in their ventures. Nation has also made a new dimension namely, Free Trade Zones, which has a magnetic effect for your business to attract potential foreign businesses and investors. You can truly believe in this UAE investment platform. But before you begin to bloom up the options you need to get a valid passport and visa. There are many visa types for this you need to have Investor Visa. Dive in to know more about the Dubai Investor Visa.

What is an Investor Visa?

  • It is a type of visa which allows all the foreign investors to enter, stay, and get in touch with your business venture. And then finally exit your country. 
  • Investor Visa is just like a pass that permits the investor so that he can perform various business activities and also because all International Investments are having the high-risk domains, but they provide high returns as well.
  • The Investor Visa is issued by the Ministry of UAE for the 3 years of duration. The UAE Consulate also stamps your Investor Visa. 
  • For instance, if any investor who is ready to invest in your business wants an investor visa for Dubai, which is also called as a Partner Visa for Dubai). 
  • Then to acquire the same, you need to make a deposit of AED 10,000 plus the visa charges for Dubai.
  • And then when you'll notice that your Investor Visa is close to the expiry date, you have to apply for the renewal of the same if you want to continue the work of business activities or ventures shortly.
  • Also, at any point in time, you feel that it is not working out, or the investment that you have made as an investor in that venture is no longer of use, then you can easily apply for the cancellation of your Investor Visa.

What are the fees of Investor Visa?

  • The Entry Permit Application of the Investor Visa- AED 360.
  • Getting the visa inside the country- AED 680.
  • The Visa Position Amendment- AED 510.
  • The Medical- AED 300.
  • 3 years of Emirates ID- AED 370.
  • 3 years Visa Stamping- AED 760. 

What are the documents required for Investor Visa?


Documents required for Entry Visa:

  • HD copy of your passport. 
  • Your Passport size photograph for the Entry Visa Application.
  • The Copy of Memorandum of Association (MOA) for LLC.
  • The Trade License Copy.
  • The Partner’s List (for LLC).
  • The Copy of Service Agent Contract (for a professional license). 
  • The Emirates ID of other partners.
  • The Copy of Partnership Contract (for a professional license). 
  • The Immigration Establishment Card Copy.
  • The Bank Statement of the last 6 months.

Documents required for Medical:

  • The Typed Application.
  • The Copy of the passport and the visa with the photographs.

Documents required for Visa Stamping:

  • Your Photograph with a white background.
  • Your Emirates ID Form.
  • The original Visa, Medical Certificate, Passport, Immigration Establishment Card, LLC Agreement, Partner's List, and the License Copy.

What are the benefits of an Investor Visa?

  • 100% Return on Investment and the profits that you made.
  • There is an exclusion of paying corporate taxes.
  • You get the best benefit of hiring the International Recruitment.
  • Your visa validity tenure can be elongated.
  • It also marks your path for obtaining a residence visa.
  • The investor will be eligible to get the flexibility of holding the Emirates ID.

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