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what to do after your visa is rejected in 2024 - full guide

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Rejection hurts in every situation, and if it's one of the most anticipated trips of your life, it hurts more. Imagine the results of refusing a visa for your company. The thought brings a shiver to the spine. But that's the harsh reality of life (read the travel industry); visas are refused. Even if each of your documents is perfect, your intention and motive for the trip are clear, and you are convinced of the approval, the visa will be refused. So what can you do after you get the rejection? Here are some of the options.

Understand, evaluate and consult

The most important thing is to identify, understand, and correct the reasons for Dubai visa rejection. The exact reason is not given in most countries. To understand the correct reason for the rejection, it is recommended to contact experts.

Apply again

"Re-applying for a visa" is one of the options. However, we recommend that you only reapply if the conditions or circumstances change significantly. At the same time, a new application should be submitted with additional documents to support your case and the reason for the previous rejection. For some countries, there must be a certain period between two applications; for others, you can apply immediately.

The following steps show you how to apply for a 14-day visiting visa:

1. Visit Dubai Evisa Online 

2. Choose your nationality and your current country of residence from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, then click on the "Apply Dubai Visa"  button

3. You will now reach a short and clear information table about the Dubai visa type. Click on the visa type you want to apply for, and then click on "Proceed to Apply.".

4. You are now on the 2-step application form that requires your details. Please pay attention to the information you provided. You need to upload a scanned copy of the above documents. At this stage, you can add a number of applicants.

5. Click the Submit and Continue tab.

6. You are now in the final stages of the Dubai Visa application process. You must make payments using your Visa card, debit card, or credit card. Please be assured that you will receive confirmation of the submission of your application on your registered email ID.

7. Also, you can Track Dubai Visa Status Online once you apply for your visa.

If you have any problems, our specialists are available around the clock. You can contact us or leave a message in our chat support or send an email to


If you believe that the consular officer has overlooked certain documents and that the reason for refusing your visa is not legitimate, you can appeal the decision at any time. The new appointment should be made after a thorough understanding of the reason for rejection and supported by concrete reasons or documents.


Another option is to apply for a visa from a country that allows you to travel to your destination country without a visa or with restricted visa procedures. Assume that your visa to the Philippines is denied. In this scenario, you can apply for a Singapore visa to visit the Philippines by applying for a visa upon arrival at Phillipinn Airport if the Singapore visa is approved.

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