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all the common reasons for dubai visa rejection in 2024

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Are you wondering why your Dubai visa was refused after you applied? Refusing a visa can be absolutely devastating if all of your hopes and dreams have been wrapped up in this decision. A small mistake can hinder the visa approval process and result in your Dubai visa application being rejected. Travel plans are spoiled, and hopes of reuniting with distant friends and relatives are ruined.

Dubai is such a country that always appreciates security and laws. So, if you wish to visit Dubai, make very sure in your mind that you strictly follow the emirate's rules and regulations, along with the Dubai visa rules. Dubai is a follower of higher visa etiquette and its policy. However, it takes less time for its visa authentication process, but still, this emirate is so strict when it comes to national security. 

So, before visiting Dubai, you must meet the visa requirements; otherwise, you’ll also be the one whose UAE visa rejected due to several reasons. This article is all about informing you about the common Dubai visa rejection reasons. 

Common reasons for Dubai visa rejection in 2024.

1. Incomplete applications

Requests with incomplete or incorrect information, less valid passports, damaged passports, outstanding documents, a mismatch between the arrival date on the form and the travel date on the flight ticket, and such errors can lead to rejection. In addition, deviations in the information on the application form compared to the information on the passport can also lead to the refusal of the visa.

2. Solo travellers

A woman under the age of 25 travelling alone may have a delay in approval or even a visa refusal. Dubai follows a strict law that says women under the age of 25 are not allowed to travel without parents, relatives, or legal guardians.

3. Overnight stay on your last Dubai visa

If a visa applicant stays too long during his previous stay in Dubai, this may lead to delays or rejections. People often visit Dubai for tourist reasons and stay there even after their visas expire. This is considered ageing, which is associated with fines and consequences.

What happens if you continue to be in Dubai after the grace period and are unable to pay excessive fees? The following can happen:

  • Your name will be blacklisted
  • Immigration threatens
  • You could go to prison for up to 3 months
  • You may receive a deportation order

4. Handwritten passports

Handwritten passports are no longer accepted only in Dubai but in every other country in the world. Applicants with the same name and date of birth may face a delay in processing the visa or even a rejection with a lot of verification.

5. Application errors

If the documents you submit for the visa contain typographical errors or errors in the number (s), name, spelling, codes, and other important details such as date of birth, passport issuance, and expiration date, you may be refused.

6. No prior cancellation of a Dubai visa

If you previously had a residential visa and did not leave the country when you finally left, the authorities will reject your application for a tourist visa. In this case, a person's previous residence visa must be released to the UAE Immigration Service.

7. Previous visa applications without entering the country

If you have previously applied for a Dubai visa but have not travelled,. There are also people with a potential employer who have applied for a work visa for them but have not entered the country within the period of validity of the visa. In this case, the previous visa upon immigration should first be approved by a PRO or agency before they can apply for another.

8. Passport occupation

The Dubai visa can be refused if the named profession is “unskilled” according to the criteria. The UAE authorities are known to deny farmers, workers, and the like a visa.

9. Previous crime

Applicants with criminal offences, misconduct, fraud, or the like recorded in the UAE will be refused immigration to the UAE. The United Arab Emirates and the Gulf States follow a common blacklist to prevent criminals from entering.

10. Similar identity in the family

If you are travelling with your family and several people in your family have similar names or dates of birth, you may have to face a visa refusal or delay. For example, if a family of five submits their records together and two people have the same name or date of birth, they may need to clarify this before getting approval.

There may be other factors that may result in the denial of a Dubai visa, but many fall under the parameters mentioned above. If you want to hope that this rejection is lifted or a second application is approved, you can do the following to avoid rejection:

  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months while applying for a Dubai visa.
  • Make sure that all fields are filled incorrectly. Avoid factual or spelling mistakes.
  • All documents you submit should be valid.
  • Make sure that your previous visa is not valid before applying for a new Dubai visa.

The final decision regarding the approval or rejection of your Dubai visa rests with Dubai Immigration. If you are unsure about the visa application process, it is best to rely on a travel agent to take the necessary measures. They are professionals who have the right training and knowledge to help you apply for a visa.


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