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everything to know about dubai visa extension 2020

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The United Arab Emirates has become the most favorable holiday destination for travelers across the globe. Dubai, one of the most ideal cities for traveling has a lot to offer to its visitors with its luxury and skyline architecture. Due to the endless tourism of Dubai or business purposes, travelers often wish to extend their stay in Dubai. But exiting the country, applying for the Visa or renewing it and then coming back to the country is very time consuming and it also costs a lot of money. This is why this country has been introduced to effective Dubai Visa extensions with a minimal amount of time.

Dubai Visa Extension

The United Arab Emirates has upgraded its policy and now allows the visitors to extend their Dubai Visa twice without exiting the country. The "Dubai Visa extension" can be done for a very nominal fee. Visa extension might sound very procedural and complicated but it is not and here is how to help yourself. This article consists of everything that you need to know if you’re planning to renew your Visa and how to do it.

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How to apply for Dubai Visa extension?

Applying for Visa extension can depend on one agency to the other but we are here to help you out with the easiest and the most hassle-free way. Tourist Visa Online is here to help you out with the extension of your Visa with a service fee as minimal as $26.00. Here are your options:

30 Days Dubai Visa Extension

Type of Visa Number of Entries Processing Time Visa Validity Stay Validity Visa Fees Services Fees
Tourist Visa  Single Entry 4-5 Days 30 Days 58 Days 500.0 USD 26.0 USD


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90 Days Dubai Visa Extension

Type of Visa Number Of Entries Processing Time Visa Validity Stay Validity Visa Fees Services Fees
Tourist Visa Single Entry 4-5 Days 178 Days 90 Days 1000.0 USD 26.0 USD


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Airport to Airport Dubai Visa Extension

"Airport to airport visa extension" is one of the most economical ways of extending or renewing your visa. Most of the travelers who extend their stay in Dubai opts for this mode of Visa extension. For this extension, you need to fly to another country’s airport without exiting it and fly back to Dubai from there. In this way, your Visa can be extended for another 30 or 90 days.

Type of Visa Number of Entries Processing Time Visa Validity Stay Validity Visa Fees Services Fees
Tourist Visa Single Entry 4-5 Days 58 Days 30 Days 500.0 USD 26.0 USD

Note: The Visas which can be renewed by this method are the short term 30 days tourist visa and the long term 90 days tourist visa.

Dubai Visa Extension By Road

This method of visa extension is by road, which means you will be driving for a couple of hours. Here, you drive to the border to get an exit stamp. Then you need to drive to Oman border control and get the ticket which you need to preserve with you. Go to the immigration office to get a new entry stamp. Then you need to obtain the exit stamp for Oman and get back to the UAE border and get a new stamp and visa.

This process sounds tedious and includes a lot of driving so it is advised to do it on the weekdays.

  • The process takes place online which means you do not have to physically travel anywhere and do the job being at home.

  • The processing time is minimal and ranges from 2 days to a week at the maximum.

  • The Dubai visa application form is very user friendly and all the documents are submitted online.

  • Not to worry all your information is protected with the highly secured SSL certificate.

  • You can easily add multiple applicants together before making the payment. 

    • Payment is done via the internet and has a lot of payment methods.
    • If you fail to make a payment online, we will get right back at you with an alternative method for your payment.

    • Payment confirmation is received right after making the payment along with an application number.

    • You will be notified about each of the updates on your email address.

    • Your Visa is easy to track with the track Dubai visa status available on the website.

    • You will receive an email about the approval of your Visa and then you can proceed to download it

Frequently Asked Questions

You can only renew your Dubai visa twice for 30 days. You will have to extend your visa before the initial 30 days extension gets over.

Yes, you can only extend your single entry visa. Multiple entry visas cannot be extended in Dubai.

The single entry visa is the type of visa that will let you enter the specified country only one during your duration of stay and visa validity.


Visa extension is the process you apply for when you want to extend your stay. This process takes place before your Visa is expired. For Dubai, the Visa extension process has been simplified over the course of the past few years and can easily be done by sitting at home.

You must apply for your Visa renewal/extension at least 10 days before your visa is about to expire. If you delay the process till the last day of the expiry of your visa, then you have to pay a fine which is why it is advised to plan accordingly and apply for the Visa extension on time.

There are two options for you to apply for Dubai visa. One is to physically go to an embassy and submit your application with the required documents. The other and the easier way is to submit your application along with the documents online and get an e-Visa in a pdf form mailed to you.

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