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requirements of long term dubai visit visa apply online in 2024

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Thinking about a long-term visit to Dubai? Confused? How would you apply for the same and get your Dubai Long-Term Visit Visa? Don’t worry, we are always here to guide you the right way and help you be sorted for the procedures. Dive in to learn all about your long-term Dubai Visit Visa.

What is the Long-Term Visit Visa all about?

  • One of the most important things that will allow you to enter the UAE is the Visit Visa.
  • It allows the holders of the visa to enter the UAE for the minimum visa validity of 60 days.
  • The validity of the visa implies the time period in which your particular country's visa is valid. You can visit that particular country during that period only.
  • The validity of the visa depends on the type of visa that you are choosing for that country.
  • If you fail to visit the country that mentioned the valid time on the visa, then you have lost your chance, and then you need to reapply for the visa.

Visit visas are basically of three different types:

Multiple Entry Visa:

It is a type of visa that has a visa validity of 6 months, right from the date of the visa being issued to you. You need to be fully cautious about leaving the country within the 14-day tenure, which is valid according to your visa. Then again, if you wish to stay for more, you can re-enter on the basis of the single-entry visit visa. In the later stages, you can apply for the multiple-entry visa within a period of 5 days before you arrive in the UAE.

Short-Term Visa:

This kind of visa has a stay validity of 30 days from the moment you step into the Emirates. Also, this is non-renewable.

Long-Term Visa:

This kind of visa has a stay validity of 90 days from the moment you step into the Emirates. Also, this is non-renewable.

  • All UAE visa holders have to exit the UAE boundaries before the expiration of their visas to avoid the penalty that can be imposed on them for overstaying in the country.
  • The bar of the penalty would rise according to the number of days that you overstayed in the UAE. The UAE government usually has strict rules and regulations for the same.
  • If you wish to stay more in the UAE for your work, meetings, business, or family stay, you may have even forgotten to apply for an extension of your stay before your visa expires.
  • Don’t worry, you can easily apply for the A-to-A Visa, i.e., the Airport-to-Airport Dubai Visa.

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What are the Dubai visa requirements?

The below-mentioned categories will provide you all the insights about the requirements of the UAE Visa:

AGCC Citizens: According to the Arab Co-operative Council (AGCC), the people who belong to this category particularly don't need any type of visa for the UAE. It also includes some member states like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar.

AGCC Residents: In this category all of the deportees AGCC Residents have to show their 30 days visit visa which is non-renewable on the arrival to the country. This has to be done to avoid any sort of discrepancies and hustles in the entry procedures.

The Privileged 30 Countries:











San Marino

Hong Kong





South Korea

Ice Land









United Kingdom



United States


New Zealand




Other Nationalities: All of the tourists who are coming from all across the globe which is not mentioned in the table above have to get a sponsor from the UAE resident or any of the organizations like company, travel agency, a hotel, etc. The sponsorship that you’ll get is super important.

The Security Deposits: The security deposits are usually refundable. But these particular deposit fees are charges from you if you are from the countries like Iraq, Algeria Tunisia, Libya, and Morocco.

So, this was all you got to know about the Requirements of the Dubai Long Term Visa. If you are applying for the long-term visa, do remember all these factors and then apply hustle free.

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