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When you think of vacations, which is the first place that comes to your mind? Yes, Dubai is the second largest Emirate in the United Arab Emirates, which is home to people hailing from various nationalities. This magnificent city never fails to astonish its visitors. If you want to enjoy vacations in Dubai and want to visit Dubai then apply Dubai visa online at Dubai E Visa Online and get your Dubai visa at mail.

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History of Dubai

The transition of Dubai from the barren land it was to a world-class tourist destination it is now, is truly remarkable. They started to trade as fishermen and Dubai was one of the poorest regions at the time. Eventually, they expanded trade and the discovery of oil in 1966 was a breakthrough in the development of Dubai. Later in 1973, Dubai formed alliances with the other Emirates, and together, they established the United Arab Emirates.

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The infrastructure prevailing in Dubai is one of the most significant influences in its tourism industry. The architecture prevailing here is mesmerizing. We all hear of the splendid buildings that decorate the city from time to time. The roads are highly developed and outstanding. They are supplemented with various speeding radars to ensure the safety of passengers. Moreover, Dubai has a metro, trams, creek, etc. making transport amusing as well as affordable.

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What do you think brings people from all over the world to Dubai Unquestionably it is the attractions this vibrant city has to offer for its visitors. From the local souks to the world s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, Dubai is indeed, a city of marvels. Let us look at some of the astonishing sights in Dubai.

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Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is an enthralling skyscraper with a total height of 829m. It is the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is something every visitor looks up to while coming to Dubai. The illumination and the fireworks on special occasions is a must-see. The spectacular show of fireworks invites a lot of admiration from residents across UAE as well as from the tourists.

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Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Located next to Burj Khalifa, this is the largest mall In the United Arab Emirates as well as one of the most popular tourist spots. The colossal mall is designed to entertain the audience of all age groups and hailing from diverse backgrounds. The mall comprises a wide variety of shopping outlets, food and leisure mean. Some of the attractions within this Mall are:

  • Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium- Being both educational and entertaining, this underwater aquarium is a unique yet interesting endeavor.
  • Ice Rink- Who doesn't love ice skating Dubai Mall has a huge ice rink which provides a world-class ice-skating experience. They have personal assistants as well.
  • KidZania- This indoor family entertainment center gets all the kids in the room excited. Filled with a variety of rides and entertainment for kids, it draws attention from kids as well as adults.
  • Water Fountain- This fountain right below Burj Khalifa is admired almost as much as Burj Khalifa. The graceful and elegant water dance soothes your eyes and ears. People gather around and wait long to watch this elite show, proving how worthy it is of their time.

There is so much more in this Mall which never fails to impress its visitors. It is indeed, one of the top charms in Dubai.

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Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is one of the tallest hotels in the world. This iconic hotel provides exceptional services to its guests. Situated on an artificial island, this five-star hotel is fascinating.

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Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts is the Middle East's largest Theme park filled with fun, leisure, and entertainment. There are five subdivisions, all equally worthy, namely:

  • Motion-gate Dubai- This outdoor theme park encompasses the most entertaining rides, games, and movies.
  • Legoland Dubai- This theme park focused on kids aged between 2-12 is loved by all. It is one of the most visited and entertaining parks.
  • Legoland Waterpark- Being the only water theme park designed specifically for kids, this park brings kids from all over the world.
  • Bollywood Parks Dubai- Have you seen another theme park designed in accordance with Bollywood culture You probably haven t because this is the only theme park designed with this unique notion. The rides and games in this park will get you living the perfect Bollywood life.
  • Riverland Dubai- The gateway to the Parks and Resorts, this fun-filled place is free of cost and can be accessed without a ticket.

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Dubai Miracle Garden

This is one of the most fascinating places in Dubai. Decorated with a wide variety of flowers, it occurs to be splendid. You need to purchase a ticket in order to enter the garden, but it is so worth it. The Butterfly Garden positioned next to the Dubai Miracle Garden, with butterflies all over the place, is even more enchanting.

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Dubai Garden Glow

This is a theme park that takes you to a world of marvels. This sensational park has a variety of indoor attractions filled with illuminations, 3D artworks, statues, sculptures, etc. The 5 main attractions are:

  1. Glow Park- It is a world of illuminations
  2. Dinosaur Park- This park is filled with artificial dinosaurs which takes us back to the Jurassic age. Designed for kids, it provides an entertaining but informative experience.
  3. Ice Park- It contains sculptures and artwork made of ice. Unique, isn't it
  4. Magic Park- This is devised to make every visitor feel magic around them. With the help of 3D artwork and optical illusions, it does feel like a world of enchantment.
  5. Art Park- This eco-friendly park creates a colorful atmosphere and conveys various morals to its visitors.

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Dubai Frame

One of the eminent architectural landmarks set in Zabeel park, this colossal frame building, helps its visitors to experience past, present, and future using the latest technology. Dubai Frame is one of the major attractions of Dubai.

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Dubai Creek

  • Dubai creek which was once the trade hub of the Emirate is a must-visit place. Filled with so many activities, it will grant you several memorable experiences.
  • Now, who wouldn't want to go on cable cars and watch dolphins Dubai creek has it all. In addition to this, it also has spices and gold souks where you get the best quality products at great prices.
  • Moreover, it contains Al Bastakiya District, Heritage Village, and Dubai Museum, which will give you a chance to explore the history and culture of this remarkably developed Emirate.

Dubai Water Canal

This canal, giving a major waterfront to the city, connects Dubai Creek with the Arabian Gulf. The bridge built above the canal to help with the traffic is the loveliest part of this canal. It looks splendid, with the water flowing beneath it, especially at night. Exploring the Dubai water canal helps us to see how developed the city is and this is simply fascinating.

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Global Village

  • This is the most intriguing attraction of Dubai. Built with the purpose of blending various nationalities and cultures into one, Global Village gives us insight into how the world is.
  • Imagine visiting 90 countries, tasting their food, experiencing their culture, and buying their traditional commodities. Global Village makes this possible. Visiting Global Village is somewhat as if going on a world tour.
  • It comprises numerous pavilions, each pavilion built to represent its respective country. It is an amusing place with a wide variety of cuisines, rides, cultural dances, traditional handicrafts, etc. They exhibit fireworks as well on selected occasions.

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Ski Dubai

This iconic ski resort is situated inside the Mall of Emirates. It provides its visitors with a mind-blowing experience any day. If you love snowboarding or skiing, this is your place.

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IMG World of Adventures

This fun-filled theme park filled with several amusing and adventurous rides is the largest in Dubai.

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Well, now we know why Dubai is the hottest tourist destination in the world. To not visit Dubai, means to miss out on one of the most celebrated cosmopolitan cities, which never fails to astonish its visitors.

Fun Fact: Dubai has a Minister of Happiness

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