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guide to dubai expo 2020 the world of innovation all about dubai expo

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Dubai- The Sparkling City of Vibrance and Pride has always been the best land to fetch tourists from all around the globe. With stunning skyline and every epic inch which grabs thousands and thousands of eyeballs gazing at the beauty, this Divine Dubai has its own fame. 

The most magnificent event of Dubai counts at DUBAI EXPO 2020. Here’s what all you got to know about this grand expo. So, dive in to know more details. 


What is Dubai Expo?

  • Dubai Expo is the first World Expo ever in the region. 

  • The Expo basically welcomes the world to visit the UAE for those marvellous 6 months.

  • It is the grand and chivalric celebration of the culture, collaboration, and innovation. 

  • This Expo has the main and broad vision of crafting a meaningful and lasting legacy to be cherished worldwide.

Dubai Expo is basically the largest event ever that the Arabian Land will witness. It heartily welcomes 190 participating countries and millions of attendees from across the globe. The Expo aims to give you the finest experience of the warm Emirati hospitality with the UAE's blend of values in inclusion, tolerance, and cooperation. 

It targets the budding youth of the world and that's what makes the Expo's aspiration to +.

++craft a meaningful legacy that will unfold every time when cherished by the future generations.

Dubai Expo 2020 is also the platform for initiating global relationships and business opportunities with the collaborations worldwide. It truly focusses on knitting the woven mat of memories of joy and pride.

Participants of Dubai Expo 2020

Expo 2020 Dubai decided that it will have 192 countries as its participants. They truly feel that these unite efforts of the countries as the participants to the gala expo will make it the most inclusive and grand international expo the world could ever see.

Here are a few words of the official personalities about the expo.

An official spokesperson said, “We have invited all countries in the world without exception, in line with our commitment to making Expo 2020 Dubai a truly international event and platform for all of humanity.
"For more than 170 years, Dubai World Expos have been apolitical events focused on furthering humanity for the common good through innovation, cultural exchange, creativity, and collaboration. We are proud to continue that tradition."


Tickets to Dubai Expo 2020

  • You would be able to buy the tickets of Dubai Expo 2020 through the Expo 2020 website  which is available through a network of Authorized Ticket Resellers which are contracted with Expo 2020, and at the Expo 2020 gates during the mega event.

  • The tickets will go on sale to the general public in April 2020.

  • A single-day adult of 18 years of age and above has a ticket that will cost Dh120 (USD 33).

  • While a three-day pass, which can be used on any three days during the 173 days of the Expo which is priced at Dh260 (USD 71).

  • Expo gives free access for children aged 5 years and under and seniors aged 65 years and over to freely enjoy the gala event.

  • Expo decided that the youth aged 6 to 17 and students of any age will receive a 50 per cent discount.


 What does your Ticket to Dubai Expo 2020 provide?

  • It will give you the key to exploring the gala experience of grand events.

  • Opportunity to witness stunning 60 live shows a day.

  • Witness future-shaping technologies.

  • Engage in the stunning performances from world-famous artists.

  • Enjoying the daily parades.

  • Gazing at the cutting-edge architecture in the expo.

  • Indulging into more than 200 food and beverage outlets which would e serving the ultimately delicious delicacies to you.


The Elections of the Expo
  • The particular elections are conducted for the complete selection of the bids and moreover choosing the country to host the Expo 2020, from the General Assembly meetings. 

  • Eventually, UAE observed a joyful wave as Dubai is voted the winner of the World Expo 2020 bid at the 15th BIE General Assembly in Paris. The UAE received 116 votes out of a total of 165 in the meeting. Dubai is immensely happy to gain victory over the strongest competitors across the globe. But eventually, UAE nailed it and won the glory!

  • The Bureau International des Exhibitions (BIE) following voting by its member nations then announced The Dubai World Expo 2020 will be held under the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

  • “It will be the first grand World Expo Dubai for the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia (Menasa) region, helping to unlock the vast potential of this area and creating significant opportunities for its more than two billion people”, following results of the meeting.


Themes and Subthemes of the Dubai Expo

The Dubai expo 2020 is coming up with a new theme, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. This grand folklore of traditions and opportunities will make all the spectators truly to the best of their experience here. Expo 2020 truly has many folds to say and let you experience each and every bit of the grand event.

The Expo 2020 is aiming at "building the partnership and inspire ideas in multiple ways that will forge the world of tomorrow". That unfurls the understanding that Expo 2020 will be an immense grand platform to build healthy relationships with other nations of the Expo 2020 and eventually lend their valuable support and craft a better experience for the world.

Subthemes of the Dubai Expo

  • Opportunity

Dubai Expo 2020 has the first sub-theme pillar of "Opportunity". It believes that every personality has the courage to craft his future into the rightest folds. The main aim of Expo 2020 is to unlock the potential in multiple ways like supporting solutions to social platforms through the Expo Live Programme and moreover conducting introductions of the visitors to the new ideas which truly inspire them to act.

  • Mobility

It is well said that" When you enable the smarter working of the technology, ideas, and goods, the possibilities for a new world ultimately unfurls." The Dubai Expo 2020 completely believes this and makes all possible efforts to help us explore new frontiers in the event and moreover how humanity is springing up through these grand efforts in the digital connectivity dimension.

  • Sustainability

As it is much evidence that the need to create and live in balance with the nation, we live in has been quite hectic and critical. The Dubai Expo 2020 took this opportunity of making an effort to embrace alternatives sources of food, water, clean and renewable energy. This great move also has the main aim to guide youth and motivate them to save the planet and render their creative efforts. 

Main Attractions at the Dubai Expo

The Dubai Expo 2020 promises you to experience the world-class and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the grand platform and event live and lock that in your beautiful memories forever.

1. The Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots:  You’ll get to know more about the Rashid and Latifa as they are on their exciting and thrilling journey led by Salama the Ghaf Tree while discovering the grand Expo.

2. Watching a screening on the ceiling: You'll find the stunning architecture and jaw-dropping event sets on the land which will make your dream come true to visit such a grand Expo like this. 

3. Dive into 200-plus ways to tickle your taste buds: You can indulge in the divine cuisines from all across the globe and taste them to the best of your mood and heart.

4. Best View: Enjoy the stunning view of the Expo 2020 just like a bird’s eye. You can feel the top eyed view from the top of the rotating observation tower, which is super thrilling and lovely.

5. Arts and Culture: You'll get the opportunity to indulge in world-class contemporary creativity and artistic creations. Many amazing performances b best talents across the globe would also be the major fun of the expo.

Covid-19 Impact on the Dubai Expo

The condition of this pandemic is worse and has led to most of the disruptions all across the globe. We know it all that the entire nation is falling under the deadly trap of this virus. But a huge thanks to all the heroes as our policemen, doctors, sanitation workers, and others. They are working really hard to save us from the pandemic.

The team at Expo 2020 is also working really hard, both, internally and in consultation with the key UAE and the international stakeholders, to basically review all the plans regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  

  • All the participating countries have suggested and expressed their concerns to postpone this grad Expo 2020 by 1 year, for the ultimate security and well being of the dedicated team and the spectators.

  • Eventually, the Steering Committee took the decision of the postponement of the Dubai Expo 2020 by one year. And eventually, the Bureau International Expositions (BIE) will be guiding further updates about the Expo.

  •  Expo believes that humanity needs to come together and fight this deadly pandemic situation and win over this deadly battle of the virus by staying strong. The expo together with the team will always work for the benefit and successful conduction of the grand Expo 2020.

  • We need to stay strong and stay safe. It is the real moment to show solidarity and unity.


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