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do you need physical documents for dubai visa

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Visa is all about whether you have attached all the documents or not. Or do you have all the documents you need to apply for a type of Dubai visa. If not then this particular travel document cannot be applied. this is why most of you might have had this doubt in your mind, whether do you need physical documents for Dubai visa. Well, this will now be based on how you want to apply for a Dubai visa and how you wish to take the process further. For this Dubai E Visa Online has prepared some of the questions along with the one that you already have on your mind. You will also find the answer that you have been searching for down the line.

Q. Are documents really necessary when applying for a Dubai visa and what is the importance of these documents?

Yes, when you apply for a Dubai visa it is absolutely needed that you submit all the documents. Thinking why is it so important? It is because these documents are something that will explain your identity. To identify you it is absolutely necessary to get the documents along with the application form for a Dubai visa. All these documents will not only be evidence of our identity in a foreign country but will also be used in various bookings which will include all the hotel bookings you need to do or flight bookings.

Q. What will be the documents needed if I want to apply through Dubai E Visa Online?

Application has always been made easy through Dubai E Visa Online. This also means that you need not worry about a lot of documents being asked from our side for your visa processing. With just some of the daily used documents, you can easily apply for a Dubai visa. Here is what would be needed from your side:

  • An application form: this application form will be the main document while submitting for a visa. This will be provided by our side. This means all you need to do is fill in all the details that the application form has asked for. Also do not forget to get the Dubai visa application form completed when you enter in your details.
  • A passport: this passport that you hold and one that will be submitted must have a validity of at least 6 months if there is more then it is alright too. These details that are there in your passport must be entered in your application form.
  • Bookings made: you will have to submit all the booking details that will include all your hotel bookings and other airline bookings that have been made for your trip to Dubai.
  • Payment means: you must keep a payment means ready for paying all the visa fees of the Dubai visa that has been mentioned.
  • An email address: a mail id must be provided on which you will be getting your application number which can be used for tracking of Dubai visa or for any other information purpose.

Q. Should a person applying for a Dubai visa submit all the documents and what if one of the documents is missing from the list provided?

If you do not submit all the documents asked for then the visa application for a Dubai visa can be rejected anytime by the immigration officers.

Q. Should I send in physical copies o the documents if I am applying for Dubai visa through Dubai E Visa Online?

When you apply for a Dubai visa through Dubai E Visa Online you need not send the physical copies of the documents though if you are applying for a visa through a visa processing center then you might need to send the physical copies.

Now with the help of the documents you can apply for a Dubai visa which means that do you need physical documents for Dubai visa question is no more needed to be asked!

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