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dubai visa exemption for eu citizens

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Traveling to Dubai? Well, now that is what a dream destination is called! But guess if you can travel for free! That is exactly what European union citizens will get. All the people belonging to European nations can travel without a Dubai visa. This Dubai visa exemption for EU citizens is what makes it much easier to travel to Dubai. Along with the information provided to you by Dubai E Visa Online you can also be assured about getting a hassle-free travel to Dubai. Dubai now has a lot of corporate opportunities that will also leave you astonished as to what you can achieve once you are here in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following European union nation-states can travel to Dubai:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Italy Ireland Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden      

These are the states in the European Union nation that can travel without a visa to Dubai.

Yes, all the citizens except those who are from Ireland and the United Kingdom can get visa-free travel to Dubai. For those who belong to Ireland and the united kingdom can only travel to Dubai if they have applied for a valid Dubai visa and hold a valid passport.

No, being a student you will have to apply for a student visa that will let you study for a long period of time. With the visa-free validity being for only 90 days which will be really short for any study course will need you to apply for a visa before you travel to Dubai.

Yes, you are eligible for a Dubai family residency visa if you want to stay for a long period of time. However, you must make sure being an EU nation citizen that you have the documents for the same.

It was on the 6th of May 2015 that visa-free travel was issued for EU state members traveling to Dubai.

No, if you are a foreigner who is currently residing in the EU with a residential visa then you are not eligible for visa-free travel to Dubai. This facility can be made available for only those who are citizens of the EU.

If you are going to Dubai for employment-based travel then you will not be able to travel to Dubai without a visa. Because this a paid activity, you will have to apply for an employment visa before you travel to Dubai. This will also need you to take a work permit before you apply for the visa.

No, you need not take a visa because you are a national of EU which means that if your mother is an EU national so are you and hence you can stay for 90 days in Dubai without a visa.

No, EU national wanting to enter Dubai must produce a valid EU passport with at least 6 months or more validity.

Yes, you can travel to Dubai without a visa this is because you are national of the EU nation. however, your spouse on the other hand will require a visa to be taken in order to travel to Dubai if he or she is not from a Dubai visa-free country.

Yes, all family visits are allowed to be done without a visa to Dubai.

With this, now you can also travel visa-free to Dubai if you are a part of the Dubai visa exemption for EU citizens.

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