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everything about take a trip to dubai in may

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Things to do, Attractions and Events in Dubai 

Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A city of many places to visit, a city to shop luxury, Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, this global city is known for its attractive and lavishing architecture, incredible skylines or skyscrapers and Tourists attractions.

The average temperature in Dubai stays between 32-34°C on average in May with a mid-range humidity and light breeze. However, travellers say its 50°C on average but that’s not correct.

Light breeze and mild humidity make the place bearable and enjoyable to visit and have fun.


Why Dubai in May?

Well, you can head out to many things to decide why may is a perfect month? 

Lesser crowd: Many tourist places have attractions of tourist in the Ramadan season, everything here remains open. Advantage of less crowd? You can enjoy your tour to the fullest.

Ramadan: Ramadan is one thing that reminds us of tradition there. The charm remains the same, same as its tradition. Ahaan! Don’t forget to enjoy food during this season specifically during Iftars.

Accommodation: Since Off-season begins with the beginning of May, everything regarding accommodation is easily available and that too at much cheaper rates. This incredible price drop is an advantage but only to be taken in May.


Thinking of activities to be done in Dubai? Well, here is a short guide. 

1. Burj Khalifa: The place majorly famous for. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building and you can enjoy sunrise there. The beautiful view enlights your view from a breathtaking height of 828m. Besides its height, the skyscraper is also an attraction point because of its engineering marvel and the artwork. 

2. Garden Glow: Garden Glow is a major attraction in Dubai. It is an exhibition featured with glow-in-the-dark garden, a dinosaur park, an ice park where you can do ice activities in the ice rink and an eco-friendly garden made of recyclable materials. This magical theme park is the hard work and intelligence of many engineers and alias! You can have great selfies and pictures here. 

3. Dubai Dolphinarium and Seal Show: The Dubai Dolphinarium (Dolphin aquarium) is a family entertainment show that takes a duration of 45 minutes, you can enjoy dolphins and seals together that come to entertain you by their amazing dance, juggling and acrobatics. These creatures perform fantastic stunts and they even interact with the audience. 

4. Evening Desert Safari: The desert safari will amaze you with the taste of Arab lifestyle – sandboarding, dune bashing, camel rides, dinner under star-lit-sky, soulful dance and music performances. Everything to enjoy at evening Desert safari. 

5. Dhow Cruise: This is something different and can be a whole new experience for you. Dhow Cruise involves traditional dhow with modern fittings and while cruising along the serene and calm water for a few hours. You can enjoy mouth-watering food as a buffet meal and other refreshments with Arab music along with commentary on the history of Dubai. 

6. Skydive: Skydiving, the name tells everything. Feel the wind with a speed of 120 miles per hour in Dubai. You can choose locations of your choice. You have two locations to choose from i.e., either from desert view or above Palm Jumeirah island. Record your adventure and add up to your memory. 

7. Dubai Frame: The award-winning marvel is a major attraction for the people who love exploring architectures. This skyline of Dubai showcase both new and old sights in a single frame. This monument gives a 

panoramic views of the city and it also has a museum that celebrates the city’s rich past and future. 

8. Museum of Illusions: The perplexing visual experience lets you interact with more than 70 exhibits modelled on science. You can have so many fun activities here that take you through illusionistic rooms with didactic games and puzzles. Haha! We bet you will come out smarter and happier. 

Yahoo! The journey doesn’t end here !! 

Let’s have a look at the calendar of events in May. 

  • Ramadan
  • Run The Track Ramadan Edition
  • Dubai Opera show
  • Ripe market 

1. Synonym of iftar, “Ramadan" gives you a chance to taste delicious food made especially for the fast-breaking time. 

2. Ramadan Night Run is a festive marathon that encourages people to run around the Motor City venue. 

3. The colossal centre of performing arts with a capacity of filling 2000 people. 

4. Every event names above are celebrated in the month of May. The ripe market can be seen taking place from November and ending in the month of May. 


Tips to travel to Dubai 

1. Ramadan, being a cultural festival, one must wear clothes covering knees and ethical clothes should be preferred. 

2. If wearing cut sleeves, carrying a shawl or jacket would help you deal with mild cold nights when you are out to have some night fun. 

3. Keep sunglasses and water bottles in hand to deal with the harsh sunlight and dehydration from the heat and warm weather. 

4. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to resist sunburn and tanning


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