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If you are a United Kingdom passport holder and are soon traveling to Dubai then there are some things that you ought to know about a Dubai visa for United Kingdom passport holder. This information that you need to know is given by Dubaievisaonline so that you get to know about whether you are required to take a visa to be eligible to travel to Dubai or is it possible for you to get through just be giving in some of the wanted documents. Dubai having an immense opportunity be it for tourism or for business has sure attracted people from the whole world and the people from United Kingdom are no less with the facilities that the United Arab Emirates government provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you will need Visa for Abu Dhabi from UK. You can apply at Dubai E Visa Online.

With the United Arab Emirates visa policy that states that a person who belongs to the United Kingdom needs not to take a visa to travel to Dubai implies that a United Kingdom passport holder need not apply for a visa and can enter Dubai free of visa. However, a resident who is a foreigner and is staying on a United Kingdom visa will be required to take a visa depending on the country of origin.

The number of days that a United Kingdom passport holder can stay is fixed and is allowed only for a total of 90 days beyond which a visa-free stay will not be allowed

Yes even if you are from a visa-free country such as the United Kingdom whose citizens need not apply for a Dubai visa, there will be checking done at the immigration point by the immigration officers as this is a mandatory process that is needed to be done with any foreigner entering Dubai.

No, if you want to stay for longer than three months which is the allowed visa-free stay period, then you will have to have a valid Dubai visa with a valid purpose to stay.

No, any foreigner from the United Kingdom needs to have a valid passport under his or her name in order to gain entry in Dubai.

Yes, transit will also be visa-free for a United Kingdom passport holder and hence you can transit through Dubai without a visa as well.

Yes, there are free things that can be done easily in Dubai without having to spend much for a United Kingdom passport holder. This also includes traveling to Dubai in august where you will get quite good deals for your stay in Dubai.  

No, a Dubai visa is not free for all nationalities. There are citizens of the United Kingdom who can travel visa-free to Dubai along with some others who have been added on the visa-free list.

Yes, there can be multiple entries made during the visa-free period for a United Kingdom passport holder.

Hence a Dubai visa for United Kingdom passport holder is not necessary to be taken and a citizen of the United Kingdom can enter Dubai without having to take a visa but will definitely need to have all the documents so that you can get past the immigration officers.  

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