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best things to do in dubai this new years eve 2021

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New Year’s Eve in Dubai is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Dubai is a very luxurious city and it is also known for its vibrant culture. Dubai wears a festive look during many festivals in Dubai. People of Dubai come from different places and backgrounds.


It is the fastest-growing city in the world. It is a melting pot of traditional and modern life. The city is a host of many festivals and celebrations. Everyone can find some of the other festivals that match your liking.

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Dubai?

The below-listed ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dubai might need you to spend money or a few can be enjoyed for free. Dubai has everything for the people of all budgets. You can celebrate New Year Eve luxuriously or even for free! Read the ways and select the one that suits youtube most.


Watch the fireworks in Dubai:

Head to Downtown Dubai for the breathtaking Burj Khalifa fireworks. The tallest building is all lit up and the fireworks display is enchanting! You can see the fireworks going on either side of the Burj Khalifa Or relax at the beach and enjoy the spectacular Burj Al Arab fireworks. You can enjoy the magnificent architecture under the light of the fireworks. In the year 2018, the Indian flag was showcased on the Burj Khalifa, making all the Indians proud.

View the Palm Jumeirah:

It is a man-made area of eleven kilometers. It is beautifully decorated with lightning which gives you an illusion of the palm tree decorated with lights.


Enjoy the Atlantis Royal Gala:

You can enjoy the carnival-like activity at the beach with musical performances and dances. Enjoy the thirty pieces live band entertainment which will play until 3 in the morning. The food is delicious and you can indulge in a luxury buffet serving from lobster to caviar to smoked salmon and sushi. Enjoy the fantastic views of The Palm, Dubai skyline, and spectacular fireworks.

Party at BASE Dubai:

On the new year’s eve BASE Dubai turns into an extravagant, glamorous, and a venue for theatricals. It is a glamorous night club that is packed with dancers, music shows, and great artists.


Attend a beach party on the new year’s eve:

Beach parties conducted by Zero Gravity on the new year’s eve are the most renowned for its celebrations. Music from around the world is played to welcome the new year. Cost: The tickets range from AED 199 to AED 395. One has to book the tickets in advance to avoid buying when the prices shoot up.

Dubai Ferry ride:

Hop on a Dubai ferry to enjoy all the fireworks of the new year’s eve. You can watch the three biggest fireworks on the new year’s eve on one ferry journey. You can book the tickets for the water journey by clicking here. Get onboard marine transit boards with Dubai Ferry, Abra, and Water Bus by RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). Cost: The prices start at AED 125 (United Arab Emirates Dirhams). You can enjoy the fireworks of Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Atlantis.


Laser light show at Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is also lit up with laser shows to celebrate the new year’s eve. The light show creates magic on the tall architectural marvel. The countdown is also shown on the Burj Khalifa with the laser lights.

The Dubai Fountain:

At midnight, during the New Year’s Eve, the Dubai Fountain shoots up. The fountain along with the fireworks and the light show on Burj Khalifa looks astonishing. You will be spellbound at the scene. Cost: The cost depends on the way you choose to watch the fireworks at the Dubai Fountain.


Festivities at the bars or clubs:

You can decide to celebrate at the New Year clubs or bars where they serve liquor. You can move and furrow to the music there.

Celebrate New Year’s eve in the Dubai Opera:

You can have dinner at the Dubai Opera while watching a beautiful show. At midnight the Disk Jockey plays amazing music to which you can shake your leg. Cost: It will cost you AED 2,500 or AED 3,500 based on your bookings and reservations.


Celebrate the New Year eve culturally:

Enjoy the cultural flavor of Dubai head to the Dubai Desert Safari. The overnight Dubai Desert Safari is the most exciting during the New Year’s eve. One can enjoy the authentic Arabian dinner that tantalizes the taste buds. You can get a temporary tattoo with Mehandi and spend the rest of the night near the bonfire watching many cultural performances like belly dancing, talent showcase, etc. You can dance to the Arabian beats and cut the cake at midnight. Cost of the experience: It will cost you at least AED 400 for this experience.

New Year’s Eve Dhow Cruise:

Dhow Cruise is another traditional or cultural experience for the people who want to welcome the new year while reminiscing about Arabian culture. This is different from the ferry experiences because it includes dinner while on the boat. You can celebrate with a cake and champagne. The fireworks in the sky reflect on the waters and make it look like you are in another universe altogether! Cost of the experience: This amazing experience will cost you from Aed 700 to AED 1400 based on the luxury level.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The approximate time at which the firecrackers start at 11:57 pm. The fireworks will continue for five minutes, according to the new rules laid out by the police and RTA of Dubai.

Yes, Dubai is a great place to celebrate New Year Eve. The Dubai Shopping Festival is held around this month.

You can watch fireworks from the hotels with a nice view. You can also watch it for free from the Dubai Mall.

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