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complete guide to essential dos and donts for dubai in 2024

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Dubai has a lot to show its visitors from all across the world in every dimension of travel. It is a "rich" country and the government has strict rules and regulations. They are particular about the way they work and have some dos and don'ts that every person or tourist visiting Dubai should follow. We all have to take care of these tips and tricks when entering and roaming on our wonderful tour to Dubai! So, let’s get straight into the dos and don'ts straight!

Do’s in Dubai

1. Dubai is an Arabic Islamic country; do remember that it follows Sharia law, having tolerant stages and versions.

  • When you are in Dubai, you need to be respectful of the laws and your surroundings. 
  • Then you'll have a better stay in the country, and you can also meet more Dubai locals with this polite, respectful nature.
  • If you insult any Emirati or the locals with your rude behaviour, then it might make you fall into trouble.
  • You can suffer imprisonment and fines for this behaviour.

2. Wear sensible and respectful dresses in Dubai.

  • Especially considering the women in Dubai, you have to take care of your dressing styles and the way you carry yourself in Dubai.
  • Women should specifically wear loose-fitting clothes supported by skirts, which should be knee-length. 
  • Men in Dubai should wear jeans and trousers or tops along with the sleeves.
  • Majorly you'll see that all the tourists make this mistake of carrying tight, body-revealing clothes. Which is the major factor which distinguishes them from Emiratis?

3. When visiting the nightclubs do take taxis straight from your Hotel accommodation to them.

  • In Dubai, you'll get fined if you try to drink and intoxicate yourself in public. It is clearly considered as an offence.
  • You can get fined or punished in jail for that.
  • You need to more cautious of your acts while on the roads of Dubai.
  • Any local on the streets can file a complaint against you or report you for the drunkard behaviour.

4. Remove your shoes before visiting someone's place.

  • You should remove your shoes at the door of the place that you visited, maybe your friend or anyone.
  • It is considered a good gesture and practice for greatness.

5. You should have a track of time.

  • You need to be aware of the opening and the closing time in Dubai, the weekend here is on Friday and Saturday. 
  • Where Friday is like a Sunday in the western part of Dubai.
  • Wherever you are going just check the opening and the closing time of that place and then make your plans for the day.

6. You can drink Tap water.

  • If you are feeling thirsty and tired during your tour in Dubai and if you see any tap water, without any thought just sip it! It's free and safe!
  • Many hotels also provide the service of the imported bottles of water like Volvic or Evian, with a great coat and eco-friendly. So you can ask them for a bottle in case you are not comfortable to drink the tap water.

7. Do pay caution when crossing roads.

  • You need to be more careful when you cross the roads in Dubai.
  • We know that any vehicle can speed up and then can accidentally hit you on the roads. So, you need to be more cautious about crossing roads.
  • Only use the pedestrian crossing area properly for crossing the roads.

8. Do respect the Emirati Women and locals.

  • You need to follow the polite gesture towards the Emirati Women. 
  • If they offer you their hand for doing a handshake, then only you should revert and shake hands.
  • Without the permission of the women, don’t click any photographs. Just stay polite.

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Dont's in Dubai

1. If you want to greet someone in Dubai, don’t use your left hand to do so.

  • You should take care not to use your left hand for eating your food in Dubai as well. The same applies to the greetings, opening doors, and handing over any object to someone in Dubai.
  • The major reason being that in countries like Dubai, India, etc. they believe that the left hand is used to clean up before toilet papers came into existence. 
  • So, that’s why it is considered unclean even today in these countries. But it’s fine if you are drinking water with your left hand.
  • So, mind you, if your left-handed person, you should think before acting.

2. Don’t express PDA’s

  • In Dubai Public Display of Affection (PDA) isn’t allowed.
  • It means hugging, kissing, holding hands in the public is treated as an unacceptable deed. You might even land into jail if caught doing so.
  • And do remember this fact that t is considered as the blunder and the most famous mistake every tourist or the visitor makes in Dubai and falls in the trap.
  • You should even take care of the music, don’t play loud music in the public. It annoys the locals too.

3. Don’t dress abruptly or inappropriately

  • In Dubai, women have to be more cautious about the dressing style and the way they carry themselves.
  • They have to dress modestly in public, malls, markets, etc.
  • Be it the brand popular and selling fashionable clothing, still, you can't wear short, tight, body showing clothes in Dubai.
  • If it's hot in Dubai, you can surely wear loose clothing to be comfortable.
  • So, when you are packing your bags for the lovely tour here! Do make these points and stuff accordingly.
  • Just the agenda is to stay comfortable on your trip and also wearing according to rules

4. Don’t use foul language in public.

  • You need to be extremely cautious and super careful of the fact that you be most polite in public and more especially when you are dealing with locals in Dubai.
  • You can’t use vulgar language, slangs, cuss words, anger statements in public.
  • Also, you can't pass demeaning comments to anyone in the public, it is also considered rude according to the Islamic and the Muslim Culture of the country Dubai.
  • You can fall behind the bars and jail for this mistake in Dubai.

5. Don't click photographs without permission

  • Photography and capturing memorable moments in your phones and cameras are some of the essential things to do in Dubai.
  • We can’t deny to, of the amazing and stunning beauty Dubai beholds for us.
  • But the safety and modestly is of the prime concern to the locals out there. That's what makes it an understanding that taking photographs without consent isn't allowed in Dubai, especially if the photographs are captured for the women and the children of Dubai.

6. Don’t carry your full stock of medicines to Dubai.

  • In the UAE, an extremely strict anti-drug policy is followed. It implies that you aren't allowed to carry all your medicines, not even your anti-anxiety pills if any.
  • You will be scanned thoroughly for the same and they are very strict for the security of the same and imposing the strict rule.
  • If you are caught dealing and carrying any drug, you’ll be imprisoned for up to 4 long years.
  • You should UAE’s official website for the same accordingly for all the medicines that are permitted there.
  • In any case, if you have to take that medicine with you, then you must carry the supporting prescription of the same.

7. During Ramadan, don't eat in public.

  • Ramadan is the holy month and you must know the fact that Muslim people on fasting aren’t allowed to eat in public, drink or smoke in public from the range of Dusk till Dawn.
  • You must be careful with your car snacks and also having chewing gums in the public. 
  • You can enjoy these anywhere in the special screened area in the restaurants for the visitors or simply in the comfort of your room in the Hotel.
  • It is considered as the offensive act to the fasting Muslims.
  • The pregnant women and the children can have food but they need to make sure of these rules.

8. Don’t show rude hand gestures while you are driving.

  • In Dubai, if you are driving or just planning for camping on a hill. Then you can even go for the option of car rentals to do so.
  • But you have to be very cautious while driving in Dubai. Showing the rude gestures (hand indications) to the drivers behind you for the turns or any other signals are not considered appropriate in Dubai.
  • You can land up in very big trouble, and surely you don't want that on your trip!

So, this is all you got to know about the Dos and Don'ts in Dubai. Make sure you keep track of them nicely before planning your tour to Dubai, as for obvious reasons you wouldn't like to spoil your vacation, ending up to any violation of rules. 

Yeah! Here it is, mark them in your head and wish you the best trip.

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