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Dubai Desert Safari in 2024: Thrilling Adventures Await

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"Dubai desert safari" is the experience of going around and having fun activities in the sandy landscape of Dubai. No matter how old, Dubai Safari can never fail to excite. The costs begin at thirty AED (United Arab Emirates dirham). Dubai Desert Safari is for real explorers and those who would like to get lost in the adventure. The Dubai desert safari is cheaper than the Abu Dhabi safari trip.

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Where is the Dubai desert safari located?

One can easily reach the desert safari from the Dubai Mall. You can reach there by road in just thirty-seven minutes. There is the option of reaching there by Dubai metro or by bus in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

What to do at the Dubai Desert Safari?

Dubai Desert Safari in the morning:

Get your adrenaline syphoning as you skim the brilliant golden dunes. The experience takes about 20–30 minutes. You can experience the golden sun coming into union with the golden sand. The average duration of the morning safari is four hours. The price ranges from 12,00 AED to 14,00 AED.

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There is a chance for sandboarding. You can simply snatch a sandboard and slide through precarious dunes. 

Quad Biking:

It is sensible if you need understanding and love bicycles. It is huge for you to stay close to the social occasion and in a perceptible range, with the objective that you don't get lost.

Camel Ride:

Dubai Desert Safari would be incomplete without going on a camel ride. It gives the authentic Arabic and desert experience. One has to reach the place early to avoid standing in long queues. 

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Dress up as Emirati:

You can soak in the real Emirati culture. You can wear a headdress and shop for Arabic artworks or art pieces. One can even get their hands temporarily tattooed with henna and experience the Arabic culture. Buffet with belly dancing show: The Dubai Desert Safari includes a dinner buffet and belly dancing. You can tantalize your taste buds with the genuine Arabic cuisine. As the sun sets, a bonfire is arranged. One can sit around the bonfire and enjoy the performances while belly dancing remains the highlight of the show. Dinner also consists of shisha, Arabian coffee is famously known as Qahwa, and the world-famous Arabian dates that melt in your mouth.

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Book a VIP tent:

You can also book a VIP tent if you want to and you can also sleep under the stars.

Overnight Dubai Desert Safari:

You can book an overnight safari and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Breakfast is offered in the morning. It stretches to one whole night and will leave you with unforgettable memories. The price range varies from 3,00 AED to 5,00 AED for a single person. You will experience the Arabian nights for just that price!

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Hot air balloon Dubai desert safari:

This Dubai desert safari lets you have a bird’s eye view of the enchanting desert and dunes. The hot air balloon safari is done in a group of twenty-four people at once. Trained pilots fly the hot air balloon and a guide of the flying team talks of the history and details of the ride or place. Few pilots also use the falcon for navigation as a symbol of the past. This kind of Dubai desert safari is a blend of the past and present. The hot air balloon desert safari is done for about four hours. The cost ranges from 17,00 AED to 20,00 AED per head. One can also opt for packages of Dubai desert safari that include all the experiences. 

Who should avoid the Dubai desert safari?

  1. People with back problems and pregnant women must try to avoid a few safari experiences, as the dune bashing and the ups and downs can affect them.
  2. Safety rules given by the guides are to be followed properly to be unharmed during dune bashing and the safari rides. One would be able to pick up the speed as one’s confidence boosts up in the sand dunes.
  3. You need to ride at an enjoyable pace. Catch your breath and have a drink or two in between the safari rides.

What is the busiest time?

Dubai desert safari is the most crowded during “the shopping festival of Dubai”, as there are many tourists during this time.

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What is the best time to experience the Dubai desert safari?

Many tourists consider that the best time for this is after three in the afternoon. The months November to March are the best with pleasant weather for Dubai desert safari.

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Will you see animals at the Dubai desert safari?

One might spot animals like the Desert hedgehog, Cape hare, Arabian Oryx, and Arabian spiny mouse.

Hope all this information excites you and prepares you for the Dubai desert safari trip!

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