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dubai transit visa for indian national holding valid uk usa visa in 2024

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If you are an Indian resident living in the United States of America or in the United Kingdom in 2024, then you might as well learn about the Dubai transit visa for Indian nationals holding valid UK or USA visas. But now that getting to know about this is important only when you need to transit visa Dubai, there are some conditions and facilities both made available for an Indian passport holder. To know about this, Dubai E Visa Online will help you get both information and services regarding the Dubai transit visa and its policies. 


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Dubai transit visa

It is a known fact that a transit visa is needed only when you have a transit visa in Dubai that will go for more than eight hours. The ones that go below eight hours will necessarily need you to stay in the airport itself, and you won’t be let out of the terminal. Hence, if you wish to get a Dubai transit visa, you need to make sure that the time limit between both your connecting flights is enough to get you a transit visa.

Dubai transit visa on arrival for Indian passport holder having a UK or USA visa

Being an Indian national holding an Indian passport and a valid United Kingdom or United States visa, you are eligible to get a visa on arrival facility once you have entered Dubai airport. This also means that you can get a free 14-day visa, apart from a transit visa being made available. So if you want to stay for about five to ten days in Dubai, you can apply for a 14-day visa instead of "applying for a Dubai transit visa.". The Dubai transit visa options that are available for an Indian passport holder with a United States or United Kingdom visa can be given as follows: 

With these two options that are made available under the Dubai transit visa, you can apply for one after you have arrived at Dubai International airport. 

Dubai transit visa application in advance

While Indian passport holders seem to get a visa on arrival facility, this can be quite tiring with all the travelling and the long lines once you have reached the airport, so introducing you to the advance method of visa application through Dubaievisaonline seems to be a necessity. This can be done with just a few clicks and can be made available easily within just days after an application has been completed. You can also make sure that you get the visa on time for your travel. With emergency services for Dubai transit visas being made available, you can also have your visa issued in two days of time. 

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