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Traveling from Argentina to Dubai can be quite a deal without having a passport and a Dubai visa for Argentina passport holder. Hence understanding the requirements for your travel to Dubai is quite important. This can be done with the help of Dubai E Visa Online providing all of the necessary requirements for a Dubai visa all in one place. Now weekends in Dubai are only a step away and this step needs you to only apply for a visa and then your trip will be successful. But a successful trip will definitely need more planning than just applying for a visa. This needs you to plan your whole itinerary and then travel to Dubai in order to make your plans come true.


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30 Days multiple entry Dubai visa for Argentina passport holders

Tourism in Dubai is something that cannot be completed with just a weekend getaway! You need to give more time than just having a three days getaway and hence the best option comes down to as 30 days multiple entry Dubai visa for Argentina passport holders. This tourism visa that Dubai government offers to its international tourists is one of a kind that can be used for just a month of stay and can be used multiple times in just a month. Perfect for a trip to Dubai, this visa also lets you explore the whole of adventures here in Dubai with just a single visa. Having multiple entry validity this visa even though it allows a stay of only 30 days can be used any time between the whole 6 days of actual visa validity.

Shopping in Dubai

Ever felt that strong sense of confusion as to what you want to buy and what do you need from that whole set of things! A place right out from the sand, Dubai is a place where you find a lot of places to visit and a lot to buy from. Shopping here is a never-ending duty. Here are three things that you ought to buy as a souvenir from Dubai:

  1. Coffee but Arabian: Well, coffee is something that you can find in your hometown as well! But the coffee here is something that you might have never tasted. With a large number of flavours to a whole lot of different options right in front of you, it is quite natural for a coffee-lover to get drowned in the whole world of Arabic coffee.
  2. Aladdin lamps: Thinking what makes the whole travel fun, then here is an Aladdin lamp being sold in the streets of Dubai. Though it might seem too childish to believe in fairy tales you can have one as a souvenir back home.
  3. Sand bottles: Bottles made out of clay? That is quite normal. But a bottle made out of sand is quite rare and hence this remains as one of the things you ought to buy once you are here in Dubai.

With all of these things here in Dubai you can definitely get a lot of stuff back home.


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