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dubai visa for indians living in australia

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Being an Indian resident belonging to Australia you might have had the question of whether do I need a visa to Dubai and if yes what must you put in your information as in order to get the visa issued to you. This is just one of the questions among the many others that people ask us. Well, the truth is that you might have to apply for a Dubai visa for Indians living in Australia. Dubai E Visa Online makes it a point that all these questions that have been asked will be someday nil so that you can apply for one without having to rely on anyone. But as for now, you have Dubai E Visa Online on your side to help you get the Dubai visa, so why not take advantage of it!


Q. Can an Indian passport holder having an Australian resident visa get a Dubai visa to travel to Dubai and stay as a tourist?

Yes, why not by applying through Dubai E Visa Online, an Indian passport holder who is an Australia resident is eligible to get a Dubai visa from anywhere. The visa application need not be done for one specific place as well. With an application form that can be filled in easily, you can finish the process easily.

Q. What will be the criteria that I must follow in order to be eligible for n employment visa in Dubai?

There are some criteria that a person from Australia who is an Indian passport holder must follow in order to be eligible for an employment visa in Dubai. The following criteria must be followed:

  • Must be above 21 years of age.
  • Must have a job contract being signed between the employee and the employer
  • Must have a good code of conduct
  • Must have a job permit to work in Dubai

With fulfilling all these conditions, you can apply for an employment visa in Dubai.

Q. Is it possible for an Indian from Australia to get a visa to visit Dubai during the stopover in Dubai?

If you are an Indian from Australia who will be having a stopover in Dubai then you can have a visa applied for in advance so that you enter the country and leave the Dubai international airport to get a look at the places in Dubai.

Q. Will there be immigration officers who check where I am from and where I have traveled from and will they check the previous visa stamps as well?

Yes, there will be definite immigration officers to check where you are from such as if you are from India they will check for the Indian passport that you have. They will also check the documents that you have carried and from where you have traveled. The officers will also check your previous travel stamps to maintain the safety of the travelers.

Q. I had applied for a Dubai visa through Dubai E Visa Online 3 days ago and I wanted to check the status of the visa, will it be possible if I had applied for it from Australia and if I am an Indian passport holder?

Yes, you can get to check the visa status online with just entering your Indian passport number and the application number that has been sent over to you by the mail.

Q. If I hold a transit visa of 48 hours can I get out of the lounge area at Dubai international airport and get some shopping done?

Yes, you can get out of the lounge area if you have a 48-hour Dubai transit visa and get some shopping done at the duty-free area. However, you will not be able to travel out of the airport.

Now that you have cleared all the doubts you can go apply for a Dubai visa for Indians living in Australia.

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