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If you are to transit through Dubai then you ought to apply for a Dubai transit visa. But now the question arises as to how to apply for a transit visa for Dubai? Now that you know that you need to apply for a visa knowing how to apply for one is also important. To deliver you with this important information Dubai E Visa Online will give you some easy points to apply for a Dubai transit visa. This will help you in not only the application of a Dubai transit visa but you will also get help while transiting through Dubai.


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Transit visa and tourist visa to Dubai

Now there might be confusion as to when is it a suitable time to apply Dubai transit visa and when is it a suitable time to apply for a tourist visa. 

As for the case in a Dubai transit visa being applied, you need this only when you will have a transit that lasts for more than eight hours when you will arrive at the airport. These eight hours depicts the time taken between your arrival at the airport in Dubai and your time of exit from the airport to another final destination. Once you get an idea of how much time it will take you will be able to apply for a visa. 

This time that you have in between can be for more than 48 hours or more than 96 hours or even for more than five days. But this depends on when your next flight to the final destination is. So, in order to apply for either a transit visa or a tourist visa, you will have to decide this while you book for your tickets itself.

Now that you know when you need a transit visa, the tourist visa is required for times when your flight takes a much longer time, like for days from your arrival. In this case, you will have at least seven visa types options to apply from. Depending on whether you want to stay longer or not, you can apply for one. 

Applying for Dubai transit visa

There are steps when it comes to applying for a Dubai transit visa and this can be given as follows:

  • Enter the country you will be travelling from and the final destination will be Dubai
  • Next, there will be options from which you can select any one type of transit visa(48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa and 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa) and the procedure on
  • Next, you can fill in the application for the Dubai transit visa and then attach all the documents that are needed.
  • Then all that is left is just to pay the fees and then you will be done with the application process.
  • You can also add check the visa status to make sure when you will get the Dubai transit visa delivered.

This is the only process you need to follow in order to get your visa to transit through Dubai. 


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