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guide to indian premier league enjoy ipl 2020 with dubai visa

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IPL as everyone already knows is something that is all about thrills and suspense. IPL is again set to take place in Dubai and hence leaving excitement for people to look forward to "IPL in Dubai". IPL also is known as the Indian Premier League is a match between teams that are conducted in India every year between March and May. So to know more about IPL here is a detailed history and what you can expect from IPL 2020 as given by Dubai E Visa Online.



  • Introduction 
  • History of IPL
  • IPL team names
  • Awards were given during the IPL tournament
  • IPL Governing Council
  • IPL winning streak
  • IPL in 2018
  • IPL in 2019 
  • IPL 2020
  • How to reach Dubai?


This is a T20 league that leaves all of the people quite thrilled even before the actual game that takes place. There are about eight teams that represent eight different cities in India. This league was initially founded by the BCCI also known as the Board of Control for Cricket in India. The foundation and the first match that took place were in 2008.


IPL was considered to be the most attended event among all of the other sports leagues around the world. Based on the attendance rate, it was also rated as the sixth most attended sports league in the year 2014. Not only has the rate increased down the line of years, but the IPL also has proved to contribute about 11.5 billion rupees which equals to almost 160 US dollars, to the Gross Domestic Product of the Indian Economy.


There were about twelve seasons that were conducted and had found immense popularity in all of these years and is now set to return with IPL 2020 amidst the pandemic. Here is a small history based on IPL for you to get to know more about IPL in detail.

History of IPL

IPL was said to be ICL also known as the Indian Cricket League in the year 2007 which was way before its foundation in the year 2008. This organization, however, was neither identified by BCCI nor by ICC which is International Cricket Council. Due to this and the members of the council this organization that was formed was dissolved and the players who had joined also faced lifetime bans.


Further moving down the lane, it was found that IPL was established which was initiated on 13 September 2007, and in April 2008; vice president Lalit Modi who was the then vice president of BCCI became the mastermind behind implementing the decision. He was said to be the idea giver including the format of the tournament, its prize money details, the franchise revenue system, and the squad composition rules. This idea was not something that was put into action with just months of planning but included about two years full of planning to get it on track. It was also decided that this IPL board will have seven core members who will be former Indian cricket players. This format was also based as seen during the Premier League in England and as seen in NBA.

IPL team names

There were in total seven teams that were formed in 2008 and there was one other team called the Sunrisers Hyderabad which was formed in 2013 after the dissolution of its previous team named Deccan Chargers.


The following are the seven teams that were formed in the year 2008:

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Punjab Kings
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore

All of these seven teams were the ones that took part in IPL matches every year. These teams are now also gearing up for their 'IPL in Dubai 2020'.

Awards were given during IPL tournament:

1. Orange Cap

The one who scores top runs is given the Orange Cap during a season of IPL. Here the top scorer gets the cap and will wear it till the end of the match and the team that wins will get the cap to be kept for the rest of the season.


2. Purple Cap

The top wicket-taker will get this purple cap and is kept till the end of the match where the final winner gets to keep this cap until the next season starts.

3. Most Valuable Player

It was until 2012 that this award was also known as the Man of the Tournament award, however, after 2013 this award was also known as the Most Valuable Player award. This is awarded to the team that wins at the end of the season.


IPL Governing Council

The Governing Council of IPL is responsible for all of the actions that are taken during the tournaments. The members are as follows:

  • Rajeev Shukla
  • Ajay Shirke
  • Sourav Ganguly
  • Anurag Thakur
  • Anirudh Chaudhary

However, in 2016, the Supreme Court had appointed Lodha Committee to separate out officials for both BCCI and IPL where a suggestion was also made to include one member per state on the board. This governing council will also put up the IPL 2020 schedule UAE list as soon as it has been confirmed. 


IPL winning streak

While the winning streak is not something that is predictable, here is a list of winnings of the teams as we have seen throughout the IPL league years. The following list gives the first place holder during each tournament:

  • 2008: this year found Rajasthan Royals being placed in the 1st position in the points table.
  • 2009: this year had the 1st position being grabbed by Deccan Chargers which is also known as the Sunrisers Hyderabad now.
  • 2010 and 2011: both the years were a lucky time for Chennai Super Kings as they had two continuous wins back to back in 2010 and 2011. 
  • 2012: Kolkata Knight Riders were placed first in this tournament
  • 2013: Mumbai Indians had its first time at winning the first position.
  • 2014: the following year had seen Kolkata Knight Riders having the first place secured again.
  • 2015: Mumbai Indians got its second win.
  • 2016: Sunrisers Hyderabad had its win in this year
  • 2017: Mumbai Indians defeated all other teams to get the first position.
  • 2018: Chennai Super Kings had their win and was back on track.
  • 2019: this year was again back with Mumbai Indians who had their fourth consecutive win.

While all of these years had found an immense competition between the team members, this competition was postponed in 2020 due to the cases that were increasing in India due to the pandemic. However, the decision to conduct IPL 2020 new schedule is still on papers and is set to be conducted in Dubai.


IPL in 2018

The year 2018 had its eleventh season of IPL being conducted and was held from April 7th to the 27th of May. In 2018, there was also a comeback by the two teams, namely, Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings who were suspended due to their involvement in the betting case. This year had found Chennai Super Kings winning the finals against Sunrisers Hyderabad with just 8 wickets different. Hence making Sunrisers Hyderabad come at the runners up place. The final match was conducted at Wankhede Stadium located in Mumbai, India. The awards were also provided as follows:

  • Orange Cap: won by Kane Williamson of Sunrisers Hyderabad with the most runs ranging at 735.
  • Purple Cap: won by Andrew Tye of Kings XI Punjab with 24 wickets this is the highest number of the season.
  • Most Valuable Player Award: won by Sunil Narine of Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Rishabh Pant of Delhi Capitals also won another Emerging Player of the Tournament Award.


IPL in 2019

2019 had the twelfth season in a run and was called as IPL 12. There were speculations due to Indian general elections that other countries will be hosting the IPL in 2019. However, from 23rd of March 2019, the match was started in India itself. This year had Mumbai Indians defeated Chennai Super Kings with just 1 run as a difference during the finale.  The final match was conducted at Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium located in Hyderabad, India. The awards were also given as follows:

  • Orange Cap: was won by David Warner for leading the run scoreboard with 692 runs
  • Purple Cap: won by Imran Tahir of Chennai Super Kings as the lead wicket-taker with a total of 26 wickets.
  • Most Valuable Player Award: this award was presented to Andre Russell who is a member of the Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Shubman Gill was also presented with the Emerging Player of the Tournament Award


IPL 2020

While the people around the world were waiting for the most awaited event of the year which is the IPL in 2020, it was decided that the IPL will be cancelled and this was due to the current situation of the rising cases of coronavirus which were ever-increasing all around the world. However, it was later in June that the Chairman of IPL Governing Council, Brijesh Patel, decided that the IPL 2020 will be conducted in Dubai.


While the dates are not yet confirmed, but as per a report from BCCI, there is a chance of conducting the IPL in between the dates of the 26th of September and the 7th of November. This tournament is looking forward to almost 60 matches to be conducted.


Brijesh Patel the chairman has also mentioned that the main venue where the IPL 2020 schedule UAE is set will be three different locations such as Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. While there have been speculations that the tournament will be conducted with only the players and no speculators and before the tournamet players have to go under bio bubble, the chairman has also added that this decision will entirely depend on the UAE government.

While the match was also considered to conduct in India itself even if it is later on in the same year, due to the ever-rising cases it has been inconvenient to do so. Hence due to India even ranking third in the whole list of the world’s top countries to be affected with coronavirus, the IPL was now decided to not be conducted in India.


This is the second time that IPL in Dubai is being conducted, as the first time was back in 2014 when the general election in India was on roll and had at least 20 matches that were conducted in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The date window has also been selected with the mindset that the Indian players get to travel to Australia for their test series that is planned to begin in December.

How to reach Dubai?

While attending IPL is on your list unless you are a citizen of Dubai or are currently living there, it is not possible for you to watch the show in live mode. But here is Dubai E Visa Online to help it come true and make it a reality. If you are from one of the countries that do not require a visa to travel to the United Arab Emirates then you will be able to travel without having to take one, while if you are one among those who need to take one before you travel then here are some of the best options you can take advantage of:

  • 90 days Dubai single entry visa: Used for tourism, this visa will let you enter UAE for once and will be valid for a stay of 90 days in the United Arab Emirates. you can use this visa within 180 days time period.
  • 90 days Dubai multiple entry visa: This visa will serve the same purpose, and you can also use it for 90 days, but here you get more entries than the previous one. you can enter and exit multiple times without having to take a new visa always.
  • 30 days single entry visa: This Dubai visa will give you a single entry and will also let you stay for 30 days and will be valid for 58 days during which you can use this.
  • 30 days Dubai multiple entry visa: This Dubai visa will let you enter multiple times and will also let you use the visa in about 58 days time period for a stay of 30 days.

Not only are these visas quite easy to apply but you will need only some of the documents to make your application successful. So why not have yours applied for now? Go and make IPL Dubai a reality now!!

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