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Dubai is a nation which holds more expatriates than a native citizen. Widely famous for its productive features and attractive architecture. This city considers the best place for performing any commercial activity. Being called a very engaging place in the world of trade and travel, this emirate is hugely recommended by the business diggers due to not imposing any kind of tax on its natives. 

To gain a visa for Dubai, every nationality from every nation except Dubai visa-exempt countries, had to follow the same traditional procedure of applying for Dubai visaDubai visa for Indian citizen comes from the same category of Dubai visa like other countries of the world. 

The Indians whose nationality and citizenship country is the same as India, they need to come across with the simple steps of requesting Dubai visa along with its required documents. Indians can go through with our online official portal, to apply for Dubai visa and check required documents for Dubai visa. 


Dubai visa on arrival for Indian citizen

Indian nationality is neither a part of Dubai visa-exempt countries nor Dubai visa diplomatic passport holder exempt countries. They are part of Dubai visa on arrival countries. 

According to the data of Dubai’s Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing, 2018 it is said that Indians hold a record of the highest number of international overnight visitors in the emirate (Dubai) last year.

Because of the high cost-effective policy of emirates, Indian takes too much interest in establishing its core industry in Dubai. Indian population helped a lot in boosting the Dubai economy.

Earlier in March of 2017, Dubai announced Visa on arrival for Indian tourists but with legit conditions. Only Indians who have 6 months valid passport and US/UK/EU green card/citizenship can be eligible for Dubai Visa on Arrival at Airport, others have to be ready with a pre-arranged Dubai visa. 


Let’s discuss the conditions in more detail:

  • Indian citizen must have 6 months valid passport before applying for the visa
  • Either the Indian applicant belonging from the USA or UK as their second native country
  • Indian applicant must hold a visit visa or USA green card issued by the USA
  • Indian must be enfolded with UK residence visa or EU residence visa

Note: Along with those visas, a valid 6 months passport is very necessary to take an entry permit in the UAE or Dubai. This condition is applicable to both Indian who is non-USA/ non-UK/ non-EU citizen and Indian who is green card holder/citizen of USA/UK/EU. 

This Dubai visa on arrival can be obtained by Indian for a maximum stay and validity period of 14 days and it can be extended once for a similar period of time. 

The order considered as a strategic treaty that signed between Indian and Dubai governments for promoting political, economic and trade interests between each other. Also, it is very clear with the above-given information that Indian gifts a lot of economic profit to the emirates so, this may be considered as one of the reasons behind this enactment came into effect.

Usually, Dubai visa on arrival permit cost for Indian costs around 100 Dirham/- (INR 1,750). And pre-occupied visa or before arrival visa costs 565 Dirham/- (INR 10,933). 

The fee for a one-time extension of the “on arrival’’ visa entry permit is INR 4,365/- (250 Dirham). 

A banned visa prohibits an Indian citizen or citizen from any country from entering Dubai or taking up a new job. Prospective visitors must not have been deported from entering Dubai in which case, he needs to obtain special permission to re-enter. 

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