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complete guide to upcoming dubai events 2021

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So many people wish to visit Dubai especially when it has an upcoming 2021 Dubai upcoming events all lined up! How many of you are also interested in visiting Dubai Why many of you wish to celebrate your special days with your family members or with specials persons in Dubai. In normal, Dubai attracts so many people as visitors due to its beautiful scenes, elegant locations, and full of charming spots. Not only with its gorgeous sites but also with its events Dubai is fulfilling visitors' wishes. But these sites are not the only thing that quite attracts the people from around the world, there are also other such events that attract people and hence Dubai E Visa Online brings out to you 14 days UAE visa which will let you enjoy the whole of Dubai in just these many numbers of days!

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Events in Dubai:

  • Shopping festivals
  • Art and culture events
  • International sports and leisure competitions, tournaments and exhibitions

List of events in Dubai:

Religious festivals

Ramadan in Dubai:

A city full of lights during Ramadan is the view that you have ahead of you when you travel to Dubai during the Ramadan festival. There is also delicious food from various cuisines that you can select from and is the ultimate time to be celebrated with your family. 

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Eid Al Adha in Dubai:

Eid Al Adha is considered to be one of the most important festivals in Dubai and is also considered to be celebrated in the memory of Ibrahim who was ready to sacrifice his son to Allah but was stopped from doing so. This festival is a joy for both adults and kids alike.

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Emirates Literature Festival:

This festival is an international one and has the participation of a lot of people from around the world. This festival celebrates both written and spoken word with equal weightage. This festival is said to be run by Ahlam Bolooki and is supported by the Emirates Literature Foundation

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Abu Dhabi international book fair:

Another fair where you can access some of the most renowned books from around the world, Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has more than a million books collection and is also considered as a good opportunity for young writers and publishers alike. 


Dubai International film festival:

One of the most celebrated upcoming events in Dubai with a lot of eminent and respectable representatives attending along with actors and actresses attending this event makes it one of a kind of an event that is being conducted in Dubai.



Abu Dhabi Festival:

Right from classics to EDM you will find all types of music being played here at the Abu Dhabi Music Festival making it one of a night where you can let ut your heart by dancing to various rhythms. Right from A- list music artists to rookie artists all presenting their music this is one different night. 

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Taste Abu Dhabi:

Top chefs to showcase their talent to all sorts of the brand of music and leading food being showcased here you will get a full three-day fun at Taste Abu Dhabi. This place is also one where you can check and test your taste buds and have fun while doing it. 

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Dubai food festival:

Unlike just days of food festivals, this Dubai Food Festival lasts for about two and a half week long and hosts the best of food and music and drinks from all around the world and is quite famous all around the world making it one festival which is quite popular in the Middle East.

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Gulf food:

Conducted annually this Gulf Food Fest is sure to give pleasant surprise both for your eyes and for your taste buds alike. You can see various brands of food that are quite famous being displayed here along with other beverage brands as well. 

Art and culture events

Abu Dhabi art:

One of the fests where you find more than 200 pieces that are quite unique from each other that too being imported from around 48 galleries from around the world is quite a sight to see and feel the art. This Abu Dhabi Art event is also a chance for many to show their talents and get some recognition.

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Art Dubai Sharjah Biennale:

Both Art Dubai and Sharjah Biennale are quite a resolution in the world of art and gives out some of the most unique pieces of art and also holds exhibition ever year that attracts all the art enthusiasts from around the world. 

Shopping festivals

Abu Dhabi Electronics Shopper:

One place where you get the best of deals and offers on reputed electronic brands and quite low prices as compared to the market, Abu Dhabi Electronic Shopper is quite a place which is considered heaven to an electronic gadget lover. 

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Dubai shopping festival:

Be it gadgets or clothes or makeup or literally anything you want to shop, Dubai shopping festival that lasts for about two weeks long is where you get it all. This means more of discounts, offers and more shopping here now.

Gitex shopper:

Savings that can be done like none other is obtained when you shop at the Gitex Shopper and get all of your bucket list stuff checked out. Right from startup technologies to leading company technology, you find it all here.  

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Dubai summer surprises:

  • With the heated seasons, you get the coolest offers and this is only available when you get you to stuff shopped from the Dubai Summer Surprises.
  • Just as the name says, this festival is full of surprises for is customers and offers fantastic deals you won’t be able to refuse. 
  • An important feature of this event is Discounts and Bargains.
  • The most important event of Expo 2020 is postponed. In general, it is held from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021.
  • But due to this pandemic situation, it is held from 10 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.
  • Also, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is another most important event which is a formula one races. This F1 race that you find here is like none other you might have ever seen.
  • With roaring engines, shouting fans, and about 50 plus cars all taking part in a race at just this one place you can definitely see the adrenaline pumping in around all of the people! Such an adrenaline-rushing event is a must-visit once you are here in Abu Dhabi! 
  • That’s why people show interest in Dubai in such a way. Also, these events will give you such a feeling that you wish to stay here throughout your lifetime.
  • This is the reason why people wish to come to the 2021 Dubai events as many as possible.

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