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dubai visit everything need to know before travel dubai in 2024

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Dubai - for some a hated destination and for some a beloved destination. Some would never go there in their lifetime and someone goes there repeatedly every year, if you want to visit then you need a Dubai visa. while you talk about the heated weather and the big buildings, you also ought to know more about the facts of Dubai and hence here is a small list of shocking facts that is sure to leave you awestruck:

  • The gold used in Burj Al Arab hotel is almost enough to cover about 1,790 square meters of the hotel and can be used to cover the Mona Lisa painting at least 46,265 times!
  • The rock and sand used to construct the palm island are enough to make a 2-meter high wall that will circle the globe at least three times.
  • You will see policemen here having a Lamborghini as their daily ride and hence making most expenditure on their cars than their children themselves!
  • More than 85% of the population is not Arabic and are just residents from foreign countries.
  • Dubai is absolutely tax-free and hence no wastage of money while you are here in Dubai!

Kind of fascinating facts aren't they! Yes, and you can also have them experienced with your own eyes by traveling to Dubai!

Do I Need Dubai Visa? And What About Other Documents?

Taking a Dubai visa is needed only for those who will be traveling to Dubai and those who have been included in the list of visas to be taken. If you haven't found your name in this list then you might probably find your country’s name in the Dubai visa exemption list. This means that you have been exempted or you need not take a visa to travel to Dubai. The following are the Dubai visa exempted countries that can travel to Dubai without having to apply for a visa: 

Freedom of movement countries:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Italy Ireland Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden Mexico Honduras Iceland
Liechtenstein Montenegro Norway Russia Saint Vincent Switzerland
Argentina Barbados Brazil Chile Colombia Kiribati
Nauru Paraguay Serbia Solomon Islands Seychelles Uruguay
China Japan Ukraine Macau Bahrain Kuwait
Oman Saudi Arabia        
  • If you belong to any of these countries then you need not take a visa. While a passport will be important for all, those belonging to the countries with freedom of movement will only need an Emirates ID to be shown at the border crossing. 
  • While talking about the documents there will be some of the documents that you need to carry with yourself while you cross the border with or without a visa: 
  • For those who are required to take a visa before entry needs to have a valid visa that will state the entry date and the exit date from Dubai. 
  • You will be needed to submit the bookings that you have done to stay in Dubai. This can include a flight ticket booking where you have booked to and from Dubai. You will also be needed to submit a hotel booking done for your stay period in Dubai. 
  • Your passport must be valid for more than six months even after you enter Dubai and must have at least 4 pages that have been left blank to make sure you get your visa stamped on entry. 
  • With all of these documents, you will be eligible to gain entry in Dubai. 

When To Go Dubai?

Dubai is a year-round destination. However, if you do not want to sweat in the unbearable heat during our summer, the ideal time to visit is during spring or autumn. During winter December - February you can catch colder weather, but it will always be for swimming. 

How to Go to Dubai?

Definitely, by plane, that's clear. But what company and where from? 

  1. FlyDubai
  2. Emirates

Of course, other airlines also fly there, These are the most common and most used connections you can get to Dubai. The flight is mostly non-stop and lasts about 5-6 hours. It depends on where you fly from. This information was valid at the time of writing and may change over time.

Where To Stay In Dubai?

There are about "a million" hotels in Dubai, so everyone is sure to choose. You will find luxury hotels right on the beach, luxury hotels in the city, something similar to guesthouses, or apartments or one room at home. The difference is in the location, food, and equipment of the hotel.

How To Travel In Dubai?

While there are always lots of options for you to choose from, here are some that you can try out to travel around in Dubai. These tips will definitely help you get a good travel around Dubai while also saving a lot of money. Here's a list of travel means in Dubai: 

Metros in Dubai: 

What better way to take a look at the whole of Dubai and also enjoying a clean and safe drive. Well, that's what metros in Dubai offer for its riders. You can travel to a lot of places with safe travel through the metros. With also restrictions on eating and drinking inside the metros, this transport means is quite clean and safe. You can not only travel in and around Dubai but you can also travel to Dubai airport as the metro also gets connected to it. 

Taxis in Dubai: 

As far as taxis are concerned in Dubai, there are specified companies that operate taxis and these come under Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA). You also need not ask as to how much you need to pay once you get a taxi, as these taxis in Dubai have a metered payment method and hence you will only have to pay what has been mentioned. You can also get an app with which you can book your taxi from anywhere. The taxi drivers here also talk in English and hence you can travel around without having to worry about communication. 

Buses in Dubai: 

Buses in Dubai are one of the best ways to get around anywhere in Dubai. In Fact, you can access the bus services to travel not only around Dubai, but you can also get around all of the emirates. Buses with its facilities also help you reach those places where the metros cannot take you and hence this is one of the most widely used means of transport. If you are on a budget then it is definitely recommended to take buses as a means of transport to go around Dubai. 

Ferries in Dubai: 

One way where you can travel, enjoy and go through the water in Dubai is going through the ferries in Dubai. It also has a more comfortable journey due to its seating and the way it has been manufactured. You can also take a glimpse of all the destinations in Dubai that you have been wanting to travel to a single ferry journey. 

Dubai Rental Cars: 

When you have rental cars being available in Dubai no need to travel through public transports, as you can then travel around Dubai without having to worry about going to only a particular destination. No matter where you want to go and what you want to do, all you need to have is a rental car and then travel all around Dubai, exploring the place at your own pace. 

Do I Need A Vaccination For Travel Dubai?

No, no special vaccinations are required for Dubai. However, I definitely recommend having at least Hepatitis A, B vaccinated. Not only because of Dubai but in general you can get it anywhere. Also in the country in Slovakia or in the Czech Republic. 

Telephony and Internet

When you reside in Dubai, it becomes a necessity that you get both an internet and telephone connection. However, a lot of people have no idea how to apply for them and activate it. Etisalat being one of the companies that provide the most services in the emirates is one of the most suitable options. The following connections can be made available through Etisalat: 

  • Telephone connection
  • Internet connection
  • Television connection

You can use all these three connections when you get a connection visa Etisalat. While the charges can change from plan to plan, there are a lot of options that you get to choose from when you get a connection in your house. The following documents must also be provided in order to be eligible to get a connection: 

  • An Emirates ID
  • A residency document proving you are a resident in the United Arab Emirates
  • Proof that you are of age 21 years and above.  

What to See In Dubai?

1. Burj Khalifa

Probably the biggest attraction is Burj Khalifa, hope not, because it is currently the tallest building in the world with a height of 828 m. On the 124 and 125 floors, there are viewpoints where and you get for a basic entrance fee of approximately € 35 per person. Be sure to buy your tickets online in advance for the exact hour and come at least half an hour in advance. You can also buy a visit to the prospect on 148 floors, but it is a bit more expensive, about 94 €. If you have enough money, you can treat yourself to lunch or dinner in the highest restaurant in the world at a height of 585 m - but count on it not being a cheap affair.

As in all attractions, you will be photographed several times during the entrance - the photo costs € 30. You can try virtual reality - "climbing" a tower, parachuting. There is an additional charge of € 10. There is also a place where you can take various photos as you climb the tower, stand on the window and the like - not you, but they will do them for only 77 €.

Did you know that:

  • They started building the tower on September 21, 2004
  • Completed it on 4.1.2010
  • It Has 65 lifts
  • There can be 35,000 people at once
  • It has 26,000 glass panels on it
  • All floors have a total area of ​​280,000 m2
  • It has 24,348 windows with a total area of ​​100 Olympic pools
  • It is the 9th most expensive building in the world - it cost $ 4.1 billion
  • From the beginning, it was called Burj Dubai

2. The Dubai Fountain

Once you're there, be sure not to miss the singing and dancing fountain. Needless to come a little earlier, there is really a hill of people. It is free from the shore, you can rent a boat and you will have a "private" view. The fountain starts during the day from 1 and 1.30 pm, then from 6 pm to 11 pm every half hour. 

3. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

If you only want to go to the aquarium, There are several options and attractions, you can choose according to what interests you. And of course according to the thickness of your wallet. You can buy combo tickets for Burj Khalifa + Aquarium + Dessert safari. This ticket cost € 82 per person, the price included entry to Burj Khalifa for a specific hour. However, you will definitely find other agencies, just take a look at the internet and compare prices.  As for the aquarium itself, we must say that it was really beautiful. Especially if you've never been in this before, be sure to go. You will find a 51-meter long tunnel where sharks, paradises, and a hill of other larger or smaller fish swam around us. You can also see part of the aquarium from the shopping center in the zone where the entrance is not paid. 

4. Burj Al Arab

This luxury 5 * hotel in the shape of a sailboat is probably one of the attractions you will imagine when you say Dubai. You can visit the public beach of Jumeirah Beach, which is close to the hotel and take some great photos. Beautiful hotel, beautiful weather, great views but in addition to the hotel also the cranes, trucks, and ships that build in the immediate vicinity of the hotel "New Island". Burj Al Arab is beautifully lit at night. You will only get to the gate, the security will not let you go. Be sure to go and see it, the closest you can get to it when entering the Wild Wadi.

5. Island + Aquaventure Waterpark

The iconic Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island. You can see it either from the ship or from the land. You can reach Palm Island by Monorail - a single-track train. There is no daily public transport ticket, return ticket costs AED 30. Attention, you need cash, it is not possible to pay by card. An ordinary train does not go to the island, you feel at home in the living room. On Palm Island, there is one sea view and the Atlantis Hotel - The Pointe. 

Atlantis - one of the most expensive hotels in the world. If you go to Dubai with children, or you like water parks, be sure not to visit Aquaventure Waterpark. It is open from 10 am to 6 pm. It is definitely necessary to go to the water park in the morning when there are fewer people. The price of some types of tickets also includes entry to the Aquarium - Lost Chamber. It is not in some tickets, you have to pay extra. The price of the ticket also includes a sun lounger and parasol, towels are paid extra. Cabinets are also paid for, but they are not needed.

6. Wild Wadi

If you have a few water parks, you can also try Wild Wadi. At the time of our visit, there was quite a long time to enter. It is located on Jumeirah Beach, next to the Burj Al Arab sailing hotel. Wild Wadi is without a beach, but again more adrenaline. You sit down at the wheel and the water pushes you up. In Aquadventure you have to take a bike and step on the floor and run down. There are most people in both water parks over the weekend.

7. Beaches

Dubai has several private, paid, or public beaches. We were only on the public ones for free like Jumeirah Public Beach, Kite Beach, etc. You can see why it is called Kite Beach, an incredible number of kiters along with the sunset. The most beautiful beaches are La Mer, Kite Beach, and JBR Beach. 

8. Deira

Or old Dubai, Deira was once the commercial center of Dubai, today it is overshadowed by other parts of the city. If you're there, wander around the Gold Souk, where you can buy everything from the invention of the world. Gold, spices, sweets, teas, clothes, and various souvenirs.

9. Shopping

Dubai is an ideal destination for all shopping travelers. Did you know that The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world? And that there is the largest Victoria's Secret store in the world And the sale Well, you can imagine how the men's part of the expedition suffered. In the mall, download their application to your mobile phone and when you are looking for a specific store, the application will guide you to it - otherwise, you will spend a week there just searching. In addition to shops there, you will find various cafes, restaurants, fast food, waterfalls.

A little smaller is the Mall of Emirates. This is the mall where the ski slope is covered. Don't expect any Alps or the Tatras, it's such a smaller 400 m slope, with a 4-seater and the original Poma. Admission is for advanced skiers and snowboarders. This amused us a bit given the length of the slope. The ticket costs about 52 euros for 2 hours. In addition to skiing, there are also various attractions such as zorbing, snow tubing, and the like.

Where else should you go and what to see?

Global Village is the third most visited attraction in the world. So far, everyone there has been praising it. In addition to what has already been written, I also go with tourists to the following places: 

  • The old town, boat on the other side of the bay, spice and gold market
  • Museum and Preserved house of the first Dubai Sheikh
  • Dubai Frame and the Palace of the Chief Sheikh of Dubai
  • Miracle Garden
  • Wafi city
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